Married At First Sight: Chloe Brown’s Future Plans Threaten Her Marriage – Recap [S17E21]

On Married At First Sight, Chloe Brown reveals her dream of owning an animal sanctuary and fostering multiple kids but is it too much for Michael Shiakallis? The decision day disasters continue with a ripple effect when Cameron Frazer accuses Emily Balch of cheating. And Becca Haley wonders if she gave up on Austin too soon. Let’s break it all down in this recap of Season 17, Episode 21 Climbing Down From Decision Day.

Married At First Sight: Chloe Freaks Out Michael with Big Plans

Chloe Brown and Michael Shiakallis are the last Married At First Sight couple standing after the literal implosion of every other couple this season. Chloe is still playing the smitten girl next door with Michael. When she speaks birds chirp and land lovingly on her shoulders. Michael plays the role of her knight in shining earrings perfectly. But when Chloe Brown takes him to an animal sanctuary and reveals her vision for the future, some cracks definitely appear.

Chloe Brown swoons and cries over elderly goats and a disabled cow named miss Lila. Michael is into Lila, but not so in to shoveling goat turds. Chloe announces this will be her future. An animal sanctuary where any creature is welcome that needs a home. And a house full of foster “kiddos” only they would be teens. This is certainly news to Michael, who can’t imagine soiling his Gucci sneakers with cow patties on a regular basis.

The Married At First Sight couple hit up a beer spa. Michael goes full monty in the hot tub filled with beer. Chloe Brown dons a modest floral one piece rather than soak her naughty bits in a hoppy IPA. She asks Michael if decision day were tomorrow what would he say? He says he has insufficient data at this point. Chloe winces and breathes in some beer fumes. Dr. Pia Holec is called to assist. She accuses the couple of being “curated”. More bluntly of “faking the funk”. But Chloe Brown swears she’s as real as it gets.

MAFS Couples Divide and Conquer

It’s all girl power when Emily Balch, Becca Haley and Clare Kerr gather to dish on their Married At First Sight exes. None except Becca have heard from the guys. Who seem to be bopping around Denver playing pool and chatting up cute bartenders (Brennan). Or admitting that they probably messed up to an understanding female roommate (Austin). They all help each other move out of their respective places at the Rocky Mountain High apartments.

On Married At First Sight Becca Haley gets emotional leaving custody of the fish to Austin. But gets a parting dig in about how their new mom will be Christian and pray over them. Or they could always opt for life at Chloe’s sanctuary where everybody can have a home. Becca and Emily hit up a psychic medium who does readings based on polaroids. Becca is into it but Emily has the same face that Michael had when he was shoveling sh*t.

Married At First Sight: Cameron Doesn’t Hold Back

It seems Cameron Frazer has become an unlikely voice of reason on Married At First Sight. Michael calls him up to chat about the pizza party “shoot out” where Clare claimed Cam silenced her. Cameron suggests that nothing could be further than the truth and that it was Clare that controlled the narrative of their relationship. He has no desire to speak to Clare anymore. And also calls her a puppet master when it comes to meddling in other relationships.

On Married At First Sight After Party hosted by Keshia Knight Pulliam, Cameron didn’t hold back. And went as far as to suggest that Emily Balch had a little transgression of her own with an Australian dude in a bar while married to Brennan Shoykhet, this season’s most hated spouse on the internet. Becca jumps to Emily’s defense but Cameron says he’s got the receipts and texts to prove it.

Unfortunately Lauren keeps entertaining Orion Martzloff. After letting him know she’d be open to friendship on Married At First Sight Orion arranges an archery/dodgeball date where you literally shoot each other with giant bows and foam tipped arrows. Lauren is the clear winner after their match. Orion mentions rekindling their romance. Lauren suggests there are other things she’d find more useful right now. Till next time!

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