Sister Wives: Meri Shamed For Baiting Confused Fans?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown teased her new venture’s arrival for weeks, but now that it’s launched, fans seem confused, and even a little angry at the TLC celebrity.

So, what do you get for a whopping $600 bucks, payable to Meri Brown? That’s what the fans want to know today.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Money-Maker

Meri Brown’s latest attire includes a hoodie with a logo written across the chest. It says, “Worthy Up”. She sports these tops during her recent Fridays with Friends, the online show she does with her best friend, Jenn Sullivan.

Meri also created a teaser where she sits in the distance on her B&B’s front porch. Then the camera gets closer and closer until it gets to a close-up with the Sister Wives celebrity.

Sister Wives | TLC

Then Meri looks up at the camera and the frame freezes. This is a promotion for Worthy Up. The Sister Wives entrepreneur ran this clip online for a while now.

But to launch her new business, she continued with that promo clip. What you now see in the promo is Meri jumping in to sell her latest gig.

So, Sister Wives fans have been waiting to see what this is all about. But what they know about it so far, they don’t seem to like.

While the concept might be good, many fans think she’s out-priced herself for the average folks who follow her on social media.

Meri About to Roll in the Dough?

The Sister Wives fans’ comments don’t offer much enthusiasm about Meri Brown’s new offering. Even Meri’s die-hard fans were left scratching their heads.

The price for membership of Worthy Up starts at $150. But the top-of-the-line membership fee of $600 has the fans baffled.

Meri said in a confessional: “I really wanted to be able to tell the full truth about myself. And while doing that, helping other people to understand that just because they exist, they are worthy.” So, now fans wonder why it should cost them $600  for Meri Brown to share that message.

The message sounds good, but the problem is the fees. While it’s clear what fans need to pay, they don’t know what they are getting in return.

Still, if they join, especially at that $600 price tag, the Sister Wives celeb stands to make a tidy windfall. But it seems these are not one-time fees. The initial fee fans pay keeps them enrolled for the rest of 2024. So, this suggests it’s a yearly renewal for the Sister Wives fans willing to join.

Sister Wives: Another Agenda Behind the Scenes?

In a couple of her latest Fridays with Friends chat fest, Meri Brown toyed with the entertainment writers who keep her in the headlines. She would throw out a little quip and then joke about how what she just said would make headlines.

Meri Brown talked about some of the hurtful things she read about herself. She also shared that rumors were often painful when they swirled across social media. So, some fans suggest that all three membership levels might give Meri a way of controlling some of what shows up in the headlines.

The Worthy Up website shows three different levels of membership. She starts at the $150 Insight plan, which offers a digital membership for fans for the remainder of 2024.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Jenn Sullivan
Sister Wives | Instagram

The $150 level also gets them into the Worthy Up Facebook group. Plus, the first wife from the Sister Wives series offers a printable PDF workbook. Then they also get an “accountability community” for their fee. The last thing with the basic level is being first in line with access to upcoming merchandise and events.

Then there’s the $300 Inspiration Membership. This awards you everything in the $150 package plus a tempting “one interactive virtual live discussion” per month. You also get a package containing Worthy Up merchandise at this level.

Meri Offers Cream of the Crop…

Drum roll please… the Cadillac of them all, costs you $600. For that, you get the Impact Membership. Fans have already quipped that the only impact here is the one it has on your wallet.

But for the top membership fee, you get everything in the other two levels and more. This includes a discount on your membership for next year, discounts on events, and a “surprise bonus gift from Meri.”

So, some fans think Meri Brown dropped several clues to the Sister Wives fans who tune into her Friday Nights with Friends. They suggest she might have those in mind who make money off of writing about her on the news. Maybe she wants to give them the real scoop instead of rumors forming.

But if not, some Sister Wives followers aren’t sure what this is all about. She’s offering a three-level program. Then each higher level gives you even more access to her information.

So, for some Sister Wives followers, it looks like now they can pay for the scoops she hands out, instead of doing this for free. The part where Meri explains that she plans on “telling [the] truth about myself” seems like bait to some fans, coming from the star of the popular TLC series.

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