Young and the Restless Prediction: Summer Loses Harrison?

Young and the Restless predictions suspect Summer Newman could lose her son, Harrison Locke if she doesn’t stop pushing Kyle Abbott‘s buttons on the CBS sudser.

Summer Newman Terrified on Young and the Restless

Recently, on Y&R, Summer Newman got the scare of her life when her little boy, Harrison Locke, was kidnapped. Psycho villainess, Jordan Howard snatched up Harrison and Claire Grace Howard from the Abbott mansion.

Most likely, she wanted to raise him because she told him his parents didn’t want him anymore. No doubt, she wanted she intended to weaponize him against the Newman family. Thankfully, Harrison is home safe and sound on Young and the Restless.


With help from his family and the Newmans, Harrison’s dad, Kyle Abbott, was able to find and resue him. However, Summer believes it’s Kyle’s fault Harrison was taken in the first place. And she won’t let him forget it.

Summer Blames Kyle Abbott on Y&R

Currently, on Young and the Restless, Summer Newman (Allison Lanier) is livid with her ex-husband, Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) over Harrison Locke’s (Redding Munsell) kidnapping. He knew she didn’t trust Claire Grace Howard (Haley Erin).

Yet, he still let her take Harrison upstairs to read him a book at bedtime. Of course, it wasn’t Claire’s fault, but that’s how Jordan Howard (Colleen Zenk) got her hands on them. She chloroformed Claire and put her in a storage unit.

Later, on Young and the Restless, she took Harrison to The Red Door Motel. Once there, she started to brainwash him into thinking his parents abandoned him. She said that she was his Aunt Jordan. And she was probably going to do with him the same thing she did to Claire when she stole her decades ago.

Even though it was not Claire’s doing, her ties to Jordan were reason enough not to let her be alone with Harrison. Summer thinks Kyle should have known that. So, she holds him responsible for the kidnapping and Harrison’s trauma. But, Kyle may soon have enough of Summer’s ridiculing.

Young and the Restless Prediction: Kyle Reaches His Limit?

Coming up, on Y&R, Kyle may quickly grow tired of Summer constantly blaming him and questioning his judgment as a parent. She still doesn’t want Claire around Harrison, however, Kyle disagrees. Harrison adores Claire and Kyle thinks being around her is good for him.

Furthermore, Claire’s family thinks she would be the perfect nanny for Harrison and that she should officially apply for the job. It’s doubtful that Summer will ever accept Claire at all, let alone hire her to take care of Harrison.

But Kyle might give her the job anyway on Young and the Restless. If so, Summer will flip. But, Kyle is Harrison’s biological father and can make decisions about his care. Furthermore, it’s unclear if Summer ever adopted Harrison.

His biological mother, Tara Locke (Elizabeth Leiner) is still alive and in prison. While Summer thinks of Harrison as her own, and he calls her mommy, it appears she’s his stepmother, not his adoptive mother.

So, Kyle can keep her away from him if he chooses. And he could very well go that route if she keeps doubting him as a father. Of course, that is not the best thing for Harrison, but Kyle can be ruthless and reckless when he wants to be.

And Summer could push him to his breaking point soon. Things are intensifying on Y&R. Keep watching to see if Kyle pushes Summer Newman out of Harrison’s life on the CBS soap opera.

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