Sister Wives: Garrison’s Friend Angry Over Death – Wants Series Cancelled

The death of the Sister Wives son, Robert Garrison Brown, last week left his good friend angry and making demands of the TLC series. Bryson Cook is not only fuming at TLC, but he expresses anger over his friend, Garrison, not contacting him before taking his own life.

Sister Wives: Garrison Brown’s Friend Points Fingers

Since last week, when Garrison Brown’s death first shocked the Sister Wives world, more people in his circle come forward to share their thoughts. This week,  Garrison’s close friend expressed his sadness. He did this a bit differently than the others close to him.

Bryson posted a group of pictures of himself with Garrison. He also shared photos of the two of them with other friends. But he did so with a different emotion about the loss of his friend – anger.

Sister Wives | Instagram

He is angry at Garrison Brown for leaving him without talking to him. He’s also angry that his buddy won’t be at his future wedding. This may stun some Sister Wives fans. But, according to the Alliance of Hope, for suicide loss survivors, anger is a common emotion among those left behind after a suicide.

Bryson says he is mad at his friend for leaving without talking to him one last time. Then he adds, “I miss you buddy.”

Demands Cancellation…

While Bryson’s hashtags seem to say it all, it appears he demands the network cancel Sister Wives. He is not alone in his wishes for this to happen. Other fans of the series shared strong feelings over TLC not shutting down the cameras.

A recent report suggests TLC will film the aftermath of this family tragedy, but some fans see this as just wrong. It’s time for the family to grieve together, not film together, one fan suggested.

Then Garrison Brown’s friend also calls for the Sister Wives cameras to shut down for good.

Sister Wives: Garrison Laid to Rest

Robert Garrison Brown was discovered dead in his bedroom by his brother, Gabriel Brown, last week. Janelle Brown asked her adult children in Flagstaff to check on their brother.

Garrison sent a concerning text message to the people the Sister Wives family works with. Janelle stopped short of saying who these people were. But many fans surmise the TLC camera and production crew got that message.

Sister Wives: Gabriel Brown - Janelle Brown - Savanah Brown - Garrison Brown -
Sister Wives | TLC

Janelle then texted Garrison. The mom and son texted back and forth for about five minutes. But her son abruptly stopped answering her messages.

So, the next morning, Gabriel went to his brother’s home, where he found him deceased. Police report Garrison appeared to die from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The entire family gathered over the weekend to lay to rest Robert Garrison Brown in Flagstaff, which they did during a private ceremony.

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