General Hospital Twist: Jagger Cates Agenda Exposed!

General Hospital legacy character John “Jagger” Cates recently popped back up in Port Charles after three decades. And now we know what he’s up to on the ABC sudser.

General Hospital: John “Jagger” Cates Blows Back into Town

Recently, on GH, John “Jagger” Cates (Adam Harrington) returned to Port Chuck after a 30-year absence. Long-time viewers will recall that Jagger’s the brother of the late Michael “Stone” Cates (Michael Sutton) who died of AIDS in the 1990s.

Also, he is close with Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) and was married to Karen Wexler (Marie Wilson). In addition, he has a volatile past with mob kingpin Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). And he is not shy about expressing his disdain for Sonny on General Hospital.


Now, John is an FBI agent and he’s back in Port Chuck to investigate the recent string of mob attacks. He claims that he wants to stop whoever is using stolen weapons to kill mobsters.

However, it turns out his agenda goes much deeper. Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) just opened up to Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) about where he’s been for the past two years. It shed some light on John’s mission and revealed a shocking connection.

Jason Morgan Shares His Story on GH

Recently, Jason explained to Michael what happened to him after the tunnel collapse in Greece on Cassadine Island. Everyone assumed that Jason didn’t survive but in reality, he did.

He says he crawled out of the tunnel to the beach. Jason headed back to the main house and there were two men there with guns waiting for him. They took him prisoner and flew him out of Greece.

Then, he wound up in a room with no windows, handcuffed to a table, recall General Hospital recaps. Eventually, a man showed up wanting him to do a job. And Jason said this man had the leverage to force him.

He became a military contractor — a mercenary — for this man. And we now know that it’s none other than Jagger Cates! So, when he was flown off the island, the men took him to FBI headquarters in Quantico.

All this time, Jagger has been claiming to be looking for the sniper going after mobsters. But he’s the one giving the orders. And Jason still hasn’t completed the job Jagger originally assigned him when he snatched him off Cassadine Island.

General Hospital Shocker: Jagger Using Jason

When Jagger had Jason at FBI HQ he played him proof of several RICO violations committed by someone. They are a federal offense and carry a 20-year prison sentence. RICO crimes are typically mob-related so no doubt, they pertain to Sonny.

So, apparently, Jason is being blackmailed over Sonny’s crimes. Jagger wants Jason to do his bidding and if he doesn’t it appears that he will toss Sonny in prison. However, it also seems that Jagger is trying to have Sonny killed on General Hospital.

Jagger Out for Blood?

When Jason came back to his hometown of Port Charles to carry out his latest job, he didn’t know it was to assassinate Sonny. And that’s why he messed up the sniper’s shot. He’s trying to help by keeping Sonny out of prison.

But with Jagger calling the shots it looks like Sonny is a dead man walking. And soon, Jason may call him out on it on General Hospital. In addition, it’s likely the other mob boss attacks and the murder of Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker) were just a cover for Sonny’s assassination.

If Sonny is the only one killed, the cops will start looking at anyone with a grudge against him. No Doubt, Jagger holds a serious grudge, and it looks as though his end game is to get rid of the mobster one way or another.

So, it’s Jagger who kept Jason away from PC for over two years and he still has him under his thumb. However, if the FBI agent is not careful, Jason could turn on him.

GH is shocking and full of surprises. Don’t miss a minute to see what John “Jagger” Cates’ next move is, and how it will affect Jason on the ABC soap opera.

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