Sister Wives: Robyn Humiliates Kody as She Replaces His Compass?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is not doing herself or Kody Brown any favors these days when she seems to take control of her now-monogamous husband. Fans see this happening both on and off the TLC series.

Kody is fresh off the polygamy wagon, so some fans see him as a man who does not know how to navigate as he goes forward. Now it appears that he looks to Robyn for guidance, but many fans think this works against him.

Sister Wives: Sticking Up for Kody Brown… That’s a Switch

You’d be hard-pressed to find a fan to side with Kody Brown against any one of his past wives. But that doesn’t seem to be the case when it comes to his present wife, Robyn Brown.

During the last half of Sister Wives Season 18, including the wedding special, fans saw a huge shift for Kody. When he’s with Robyn, he appears to turn to her for approval after talking to the camera.

Then viewers noted that it looked as if watched her face for signs of disapproval as he talked into the Sister Wives camera. And… that sign emerged on Robyn. She looked very disgruntled a couple of times at the words forming in her husband’s mouth.

Fans describe Robyn as controlling after watching her getting a bit forceful during the last couple of Sister Wives episodes. She even became physically aggressive while trying to get her husband to shut up. She put her hands over his mouth in one incident.

Another time, she smashed her lips into his to stop him mid-sentence. Fans chimed in to say that Robyn needed to stop putting her hands on him while trying to control him.

Despite the viewers’ disdain for Kody over his treatment of his three original wives, some fans started to stick up for him. But only because of the way Robyn Brown pulls his strings. Still, many more fans think he is getting what he deserves.

Kody Lost His Way – Now Robyn Brown Guides Him?

Looking back, you can see the important roles that Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown, played in Kody Brown’s life. Janelle grounded him. She and Kody pretty much ran the financial business for the family.

Christine barked about being slighted because he didn’t spend a fair amount of time with her. But her anger over this seemed to serve a major purpose for all the wives. She gave him a push.

Sister Wives | TLC

It kept him in check and on the go, moving from one wife’s house to the next. While Robyn boasts that she “speaks Kody,” many fans see Meri Brown as the one who understood him the best.

Despite him denying this, Meri seemed to understand the reasons behind a lot of his controversial behavior. So, Kody lost a good deal of his compass. He may have claimed to be the leader of the pack, but there was a lot of influence from his three ex-wives.

Now that the three wives, who acted somewhat like a compass for their shared husband, are gone, things seem to change drastically. Or, as some might say, it’s all in Robyn Brown’s hands now.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Humiliates Her Husband?

Ever since Sister Wives aired the wedding special, fans have raked Robyn Brown over the coals. The boohooing faded, and she suddenly became more assertive on camera. Viewers have commented on how they see Robyn in control now that the other three wives have left the polygamous nest.

Fans suggest that with the other three wives gone, Robyn humiliates Kody with her controlling antics. But they also think that he doesn’t realize this. That Sister Wives scene, the one where Robyn covers his mouth, got some fans raging mad.

But others suggested if the other women were still his wives, then Robyn would likely experience friction coming from her co-wives. Kody Brown had three cheerleaders in his corner for a very long time. That started to fade around the time he became that guy spouting off disparaging remarks about his three original wives on camera.

Cheerleaders All Gone

All three women saw Kody as a good husband and a great father when Sister Wives first came to the screen. That theme carried on for many seasons. But his antics in the last few seasons did him in.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Meri Brown -Kody Brown- Christine Brown - Janelle Brown
Sister Wives | TLC Facebook

Sister Wives fans know how that turned out, Kody Brown found himself with only one wife left. But now the fans see Robyn treating him in a way they never thought he’d allow himself to be treated.

Again, many fans think he deserves this, but there are some fans of this TLC series who think Robyn Brown’s treatment of Kody Brown is humiliating for this father of 18. And… they’ve gone to bat for him on social media today.

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