Box Office: HanuMan (Hindi) does very well on Saturday, all set to go past the Rs. 50 crores mark

HanuMan is now confirmed to go past the Rs. 50 crores mark. The film should manage to do that in three weeks or at maximum four weeks’ time as the big jump on Saturday has further reaffirmed that it has been accepted well by the audiences. Sometimes it’s only about the first weekend growth and then film fizzles out.

In case of this Teja Sajja film, the weekend growth was there though the weekdays were good, not excellent, hence all eyes were on the second Saturday number as that was going to be the deciding factor around the eventual lifetime total. Thankfully though the jump has been very impressive as collections have grown from Rs. 2.05 crores on Friday to Rs. 4.02 crores more on Saturday, which is now almost double.

This has resulted in the overall total teaching Rs. 28.99 crores and today it should go past the Rs. 35 crores mark or come really close to that. With such kind of trending, Rs. 40 crores total will be easily surpassed by the time the second week is through even though Fighter is releasing a day earlier on Thursday. From there till the 50 crores milestone will not be an issue at all and though Rs. 75 crores total is now ruled out, the challenge would be to go past Rs. 55 crores lifetime of another underdog film, 12th Fail.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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