Sister Wives’: Meri’s New Guy Eats up Kody’s Airtime?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown seems to follow Kody Brown‘s lead about multiplying love as she launches her new leading man into the world of TLC fans. Meri officially launched her new guy, Amos, this weekNow it looks like Kody is far from the only leading man on this reality series, as two of his ex-wives found new love interests.

This time, she introduces a man who is dating kind of guy. He’s not described as “only friends,” like the men who surfaced previously with her in social media posts. Now that this is out there, what she said during one of her confessionals during the wedding special makes more sense. Now we know that Kody had already been replaced by this first wife, as she had a new man in the wings at the time.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Thrills her Base with Amos

Meri Brown got cheers from around the nation after her fan base found her latest post. Many got their first glimpse of her introducing Amos with their first cup of coffee this morning.

The original Sister Wives matriarch posted a few pictures with Amos online late yesterday. She also posted the official announcement about dating her new man in the caption of the photos.

Sister Wives | Instagram

After more than three decades with Kody, she finds someone new. But she also discloses that she’s not willing to share him. Unlike her days with Kody, Meri’s love will likely never be part of a schedule again.

Meri Brown shared what not to expect from her new love interest. So, we know more about what not to expect than what to expect.  She shared that he is “not 6-foot-6, nor is he a pilot.”

So, Sister Wives fans know he is not a super tall man who flies aircraft. But fans say he’s handsome, and comment how he’s much more clean-cut than Kody and his ringlets.

It seems the two biggest things he brings into her life are his love of laughter and the love of Meri Brown’s new dog, Zona. She writes that “Zona absolutely loves him,” so it looks like Amos is a great fit for Meri Brown.

But Meri reveals that her new man loves Christmas almost as much as she does. Viewers know how much this Sister Wives star loves this holiday. So, the fact that he does too, well this likely means a lot to her.

Fans also talk about the timing of this new man reveal today. They think it was kind of Meri to let her once co-wife from Sister Wives have her wedding day special before bringing this announcement to the world.

Meri Makes Heartfelt Tribute With Amos in the Wing

Meri Brown sat for one of the many confessional clips that the Sister Wives adults did during Christine Brown‘s wedding special. That’s when she stunned fans with a glowing tribute to Christine’s new-found happiness.

The part that stunned the fans was Meri’s wish to find herself the same love and happiness that Christine found with David Woolley. So, today, the fans know that when she said all those nice things about the bride’s new love, she already found that guy she wished for. She started dating Amos in October.

Meri also said they wanted to get some time to know each other before announcing their relationship to the world. Sister Wives fans are fresh off the introduction of David Woolley. So, they saw what this was like for him to become part of the mix.

This new husband traded a quiet life for one that’s like living in a fishbowl since becoming a couple with Christine. But he has the personality for this, he doesn’t seem to care as long as his new wife is by his side. David appears as a man who truly loves his newlywed wife.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown – Monogamy or Polygamy?

Meri never said if she’s headed for a monogamous relationship with Amos or if polygamy is her choice. Well, not in so many words. But she did say she’s been keeping her new boyfriend “kind of close to me as we’ve been enjoying the last few months of dating and getting to know each other.”

Then she gives a hint at what type of relationship this is with her next sentence. “As I’ve considered when and how I wanted to share this fun news and share him with the world (jk, not really sharing, I’m keeping him to myself.) ” So there you have it, she’s keeping Amos all to herself.

It sounds like Kody Brown’s antics might have tainted another Sister Wives lady when it comes to living polygamy again. Even Kody has resigned himself to a monogamous way of life with Robyn Brown today.

Kody Brown, Easily Replaced?

Meri Brown seemed to take it the hardest when it was time to sever herself from Kody Brown. Both Christine and Janelle Brown decided to leave Kody and never looked back. But Meri endured so much more from Kody Brown before he was the one to decide for her to end this marriage.

The Sister Wives patriarch told his first wife that their marriage was over. He also said he could fake it, if that’s what she wanted, but in his mind, it was over. So, while the viewers hoped she’d find someone new, they weren’t expecting anything to happen for a while.

Then, during one of her clips that aired during the wedding special, she became so adamant about finding someone to share her life with. But little did the Sister Wives viewers know that she already had found someone special.

Fans are overjoyed for her today, and the comments more than reflect that. Many fans noted how both Meri and Christine upgraded from Kody with their choices of new men. But most of all, since seeing David become part of the series in Season 18, fans can’t wait for Amos to follow suit.

Sister Wives: Kody Slithers In…

A new report says that Kody Brown was adamant about being part of the wedding special, which rolled out over the last two weeks.

This report alleges that Kody believes it is his show because he initiated it years ago. But most of all, it’s his paycheck. So, despite many fans saying they were not too pleased to see him infiltrate this two-part special of love and joy, Kody slithered in.

Well, today, Meri Brown surprised her fans from Sister Wives. She became the second ex-wife who didn’t seem to find it too hard to move on from Kody Brown. So far, it looks like Christine and David transitioned seamlessly as he became part of the series.

Now it looks like Meri Brown replaced her ex just as easily. This leaves fans hoping she follows her ex-co-wife’s lead by replacing Kody with Amos, both on and off the TLC screen.

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