General Hospital: Cyrus Dropped Charges & Makes More Demands on Nina?

General Hospital villain Cyrus Renault agreed to drop the charges against Sonny Corinthos — but what did it cost Nina Reeves on the ABC sudser?

General Hospital: Nina Reeves Makes Hefty Demand

Recently, on GH, Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) made a sketchy deal with former mob boss, Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober). It seems the charges against Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) will soon be dropped. But at what price?

What exactly did Nina sacrifice to make that happen? We already know she agreed to get him on air like a televangelist. But I suspect there’s more to come, and he could very well make more demands on General Hospital.

Let’s discuss the possibilities. So, on the Monday, Jan 15th episode we have Nina intent on saving Sonny from a serious stint behind bars. Sonny doesn’t seem too worried but Kristina Corinthos (Kate Mansi) sure was.

And Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) is not entirely sure about winning since the attack was unprovoked and happened in a
church. Plus, DA Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) is no fan of Sonny’s and is happy to prosecute on General Hospital.

When Nina got to Cyrus’ hospital room, she was all fired up. He started his usual bible verse quoting sanctimonious garbage. But, Nina stopped him and let him have it with both barrels when he said he was trying to
help her live an authentic life.

Nina said, “You lied about being a priest, you listened to my confession, you ruined my marriage, you destroyed my relationship with my daughter; what did you expect, Mr. Renault, a thank you note?” It was
pretty funny.

Then Nina flipped the script on him on General Hospital. She reminded him of all the verses in the bible about forgiveness and urged him not to press charges against Sonny for the assault. He asked why he’d drop the charges.

She said she could give him something he wants more. Literally, Nina’s offering him anything. And it looks like she got her bargain, so what exactly did Nina agree to give that awful man?

Cyrus Renault Names His Price on GH

I can’t imagine that Cyrus would’ve sold it out cheap. He seems like a gluttonous sort of villain who might ask for something over the moon. But then again, Nina’s determined to prove she’s not the nightmare everyone thinks she is.

So I could totally see Nina going to extremes. The bargain they were cutting at one point sounded financial, so perhaps that’s it. But that feels too impersonal. Here are five options to consider on General Hospital…

#1 New Place to Live

I don’t know where Cyrus has been living since he got out of Pentonville. He supposedly donated all of his money, but I doubt it. Still, I think he’s probably living somewhere low rent while he’s on parole after getting out of prison early.

So maybe Cyrus asks for something pretty easy like a permanent suite at the MC hotel. I mean this would be the easiest wish for Nina to grant. She can set him up there for free and if Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero) complains, she can foot the bill herself. After all, Nina’s got inherited cash.

#2 Massive Church Donation

Another that would be easy would be to donate to the church of his choosing — or directly to the first national church of Cyrus. He did talk to her about tithing of some sort. You probably know, but tithing are payments made to the church. Usually around 10% of income.


So, Cyrus may demand a percentage of Nina’s assets or income equal to what it says in the bible. If you don’t know your Old Testament that well, in Leviticus 27:30 it says, a 10th of the produce of the land whether grain or fruit, is the Lord’s and is holy. That’s where the tithing 10% of your income tradition comes from. That’s common in some churches, so that could be it.

#3 Cyrus Gets Close to Nina on General Hospital?

A more disturbing notion that Cyrus might have presented to Nina was to spend some alone time with him. I mean the last time we saw him spending time with a woman who wasn’t his sister was back when he had that twisted crush on Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson). Remember that?

It was when he was feeding her the drugs that gave her a coronary and landed her in General Hospital. If Cyrus asked for a date with Sasha, I don’t think Nina would agree. But if he did, she might ask if he could go out with her instead.

No doubt, the idea of spending more time alone with Cyrus is icky and would make her skin crawl, but she would do it for Sasha. I can see Cyrus making some sort of personal demand like that knowing it would bother Sonny and her.

#4 General Hospital: Cyrus Demands Divorce?

Cyrus likes to quote the bible and says he’s a man of God, so maybe having a date with a married woman wouldn’t appeal to him. Of course, we all know he’s not changed and is only paying lip service to being a good Christian.

Still, he might ask Nina to walk away from her marriage if she wants to save Sonny. He can even say that dumping Sonny is the right thing to do since she betrayed him by calling the SEC on his ex-wife.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros)

And while I don’t think Nina is done loving Sonny, she might agree to this to buy some time. Time to figure out another way to deal with Cyrus on General Hospital. She’d probably do it to stop him from prosecuting Sonny.

Then figure the rest out later. She often agrees to things or does things without thinking them through in
the heat of the moment. So this could be a case of that happening.

#5 To Be Determined…

Another option is that she must agree to anything he wants on General Hospital. Like a blank check that he can cash in at a future date. I could see Nina agreeing to this, hoping that whenever he decided to cash that blank check, it’s something she could do without ruining her life — or someone else’s.

I mean a promise to let Sonny go now in exchange for a vague favor in the future is probably a deal that Nina could live with. And again, she might think she can get what she wants from Cyrus right now and deal with the fallout later. That’s kind of Nina’s stock in trade – flying by the seat of her pants in the unknown.

Answers Coming Soon on General Hospital

I do think we could find out later this week exactly what Cyrus demanded from Nina. They talked on Monday and then Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) went in to kill Cyrus with the toxin intended for his IV. Wednesday, Jan 17th spoilers say that Nina reveals something stunning.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros)

But I doubt it’ll be that she cut a deal with the devil to get Sonny out of his charges. Instead, it’s Nina telling Carly Corinthos Spencer (Laura Wright) that her son sat on the SEC secret for months behind her back on General Hospital.

Nina said that what she owes Cyrus is something she can live with. As long as it keeps Sonny out of prison. But that doesn’t mean it’s a small price. Indeed Nina will do anything for Sonny and to salvage their marriage. But I have to wonder what’s the cost – what does Cyrus demand to drop the charges?

I think he wanted this to happen to Sonny, and he lied saying he had nothing against him while talking to Nina. When Sonny was beating Cyrus, demanding he fight back, I think Cyrus saw how this could all work out in his favor.

We’ll have to wait and see, but chances are, Nina Reeves got herself into another mess by cutting a deal with Cyrus Renault and it will surely come back to bite her on the ABC soap opera.

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