Sister Wives: Christine’s Wedding Ruined Robyn’s Plans?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown put a damper on Robyn Brown‘s plans after she announced that she married David Woolley over the weekend. Christine looks so happy as she gives a shoutout below while introducing her husband.

Fans had a field day online with Robyn after Sunday night’s episode. But they also took to social media and inundated Christine with well-wishes and critiques on how gorgeous and happy she looked.

But others morphed the two together for some comical quips regarding Christine’s wedding and Robyn’s behaviors during Sunday night’s episode.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Nuptials Destroys Robyn Brown’s Plans

Christine Brown found what she always wanted. That’s to be the star in the eyes of her man. Not a co-star, no. She wanted to be the only star. Then David Woolley came along and gave that to her.

So, the happiness that seems to ooze from Christine in the tweeted clip below says all it all. This is real-time life for the ex-wife of Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown – David Woolley

But Sister Wives fans are watching Season 18 right now where a couple of naysayers dwell.  That’s Robyn Brown and Kody Brown. Fans get a kick from watching Robyn whine about getting their family back together on Sunday night.

Then they wake up to Christine’s wedding news on Monday morning. So, Sister Wives viewers embark on a field day of sarcastic quips about Robyn and her wish to bring Christine back to Kody.

Christine Proves Kody Wrong

From the minute Kody Brown and Robyn Brown learned that Christine Brown was leaving they went two different ways. Kody condemned Christine and even went as far as saying she would never find a man who would stick with her.

Robyn tried to open a path for Christine Brown to come back to their Sister Wives shared husband. But part of a marriage reboot included Christine being nicer to Robyn, as far as Kody was concerned.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Robyn Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

But that fell by the wayside when the Sister Wives patriarch figured out Christine Brown wasn’t bluffing. Then he got into battle mode. He said any man who dates Christine would likely watch their TLC show to figure out who she really is.

He felt that once a guy saw how Christine Brown treated him, that would be the end of that relationship. The man sporting ringlets thought he was a good husband and his third wife treated him badly. So, any future prospective love interests would see this and run. Well, she sure did prove her shared husband wrong.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Cries Herself a River

So, as the fans of the show watch season 18 and then hear the news that Christine Brown is now Christine Woolley, the jokes start spinning at Robyn’s expense, much like the one in the tweet below.

Robyn was adamant that Christine Brown was not divorced from her husband. She claimed in her church the woman would need to sleep with another man for that to be considered a divorce.

Now fans joke that they see her desperately looking for a way to make her marriage to David not a valid one, as this marriage destroyed her dream.

So, as viewers watch Season 18 next week, they’re aware of everything that Robyn attempts to do so the family will return to where it once was. It’s obvious all her ideas are to no avail. In real time she’s the only wife left. She’s already said on Sister Wives how she felt tricked.

Robyn Set Up Meri Brown for Failure?

But while she tries to mend the family, or so she says, she sets Meri Brown up big time for failure. After last Sunday’s episode, fans suggest it is easy to see why Meri no longer refers to Robyn Brown as her BFF. She led Meri to believe she had a chance with Kody who listened as Meri explained moving her business to Utah.

Instead of showing a speck of caring, as Robyn seemed to suggest he would, he couldn’t care less. Then Robyn and her still-shared husband giggled like teenagers when Meri eyed his new ring. One that seemed to replace the Claddagh ring he wore as his wedding band for all four brides.

Fans were fuming over Robyn making Meri look like a fool for trying this. But they got their revenge knowing she is no longer sharing that husband with Robyn Brown.

The viewers only have to see this on Sister Wives for a little while longer as these episodes detail just what brought the three original brides to leave their husband on the CBS series.

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