Pratik Sehajpal reveals how he had to cover his tattoos with makeup for a character; says “I was portraying a Muslim character and the tattoo was in Hindi”

Pratik Sehajpal has become a household name through his journeys on reality shows like Bigg Boss 15, Khatron Ke Khiladi 12, and the fiction show Naagin 6. Along with that, after he featured in web shows like Aakhri Sach and the 2024 released Jab Mila Tu, Pratik opened up abonut being a part of this industry and shared some insights into how his tattoos have intersected with certain roles in the past.

When asked whether his tattoos affected his chances for roles, Pratik Sehajpal said, “I honestly don’t know if it affects me in this industry. I believe that hard work is the only thing that will get me my projects.” Having said that, he also went on to recall his role as Rahil Abdullah in the Kushal Tandon starrer Bebakee and shared, “In Bebaakee, where I played Rahil, a spoiled brat but I did have a tattoo. Nowadays, there are advanced makeup techniques that can cover tattoos within 15 minutes. While playing Rahil in Bebaakee, I covered half of my tattoo every day on set, which hardly took 2-3 minutes, as I was portraying a Muslim character and the tattoo was in Hindi. I covered the entire tattoo, including one of ‘MAA.’ Nothing is affected by your tattoos in this industry; it only depends on how good of an actor and artist you are.” He also continued, “Advantages and disadvantages don’t matter; it depends on how good of an artist you are. There are many ways to cover those tattoos if there is no need to show them in a particular media.”

Pratik clarified that they haven’t shaped any character he’s played. However, he asserted, “Whatever character I have played, my tattoos have not shaped any character that I have portrayed, but they are part of my persona. I don’t need to balance anything in my style. Even Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgan have tattoos. Some so many actors have tattoos. It does not matter at all. If you are good as an artist, you can fit in, and everything can be managed.”

Pratik revealed that each of his tattoos holds a special meaning, and concluded about his love for tattoo, “Each tattoo I have has a special meaning, and I’ve always been influenced by higher sources to get them done. I have tattoos of ‘Maa,’ ‘Karma,’ and ‘Moksha,’ as well as a lion. Every tattoo holds a significant meaning in my life, and I believe you should only get tattoos that hold significant meaning.”

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