My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore’s Secret Sister & Niece Embraced by Fans

Whitney Thore‘s secret sister and niece get a warm welcome from My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans. She finds out her father, Glenn Thore, had a child out of wedlock. So, they set out to meet their long-lost family members.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Finds Out about Long Lost Family

Whitney Thore and her family return for a new season. The Thore family suffers a devasting loss when Babs Thore passes away. She suffered a stroke that was worse than the other two. After being on life support, Glenn Thore felt it was the right decision to let his wife go.

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life reality star knew she had to keep her father busy after her mother’s passing. So, she invited Glenn to move in with her. She also started going to the pool with him to exercise. However, there is something else she wants her father to do.

Whitney finds out that her father had a child out of wedlock before meeting Babs. The lady’s name is Jackie. Her half-sister’s name is Angie.

Whitney Meets New Family Members

Whitney wants Glenn to call his daughter, Angie. She hopes that meeting his daughter will bring excitement to his life. She thinks it is the “juiciest piece of hot gossip to ever hit the Thore family.”

Whitney Thore, Glenn Thore & Hunter Thore | TLC

Glenn tells Whitney and her brother, Hunter, that his daughter, Angie, invited them to visit her and her family in Alabama. So, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life cast members take the invite and head over.

The TLC star and Hunter Thore will be meeting their half-sister for the first time. However, that is not the only member they will be meeting. Angie has a daughter named Jamie, who they will also be meeting for the first time.

Whitney sits down with her new family members. Jamie tells the TLC star that if she treats her like a queen, they will have no problems. And then the family competitions begin. The two face off in different challenges, and it gets competitive.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Fans Excited to Watch Angie & Jamie

Whitney Thore meeting her long-lost family got fans excited for the new season. One person is “looking forward to meeting her match in Jamie.” Another person can’t wait to see what Angie brings to the show. A person is even “loving them ‘Bama girls” and thinks they “will definitely be entertaining.”

However, some viewers of My Big Fat Fabulous Life have many questions about these new family members. One person wonders if Babs Thore knew about her husband’s long-lost daughter. Another person can’t imagine “losing my mother and then go find a long lost daughter and make a whole season out of it.” A person also wonders what Babs would think of her husband having a daughter and why he was never in contact with this lady. Will fans’ questions be answered in the new season?

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