90 Day Fiance: Kimberly Rochelle’s Dad Tries to Stop Wedding?

Kimberly Rochelle‘s father is in town for her wedding on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. After hearing about his daughter’s feelings towards Tejaswi Goswami‘s family, he thinks postponing the wedding is best. Is he trying to stop the wedding?

90 Day Fiance: Kimberly Rochelle Opens up to Father

Kimberly Rochelle is only days away from marrying Tejaswi Goswami. However, after a huge argument with his brother, Yash Goswami, she feels his family is against their relationship.

The 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way cast member’s father is in town for the wedding. So, she decides to open up to him about the drama that is going on with her soon-to-be husband’s family. She reveals that she and TJ got into an argument. But they were able to settle it pretty quickly. She feels that they can talk things through.

However, Kimberly tells her father that she had a conversation with TJ’s brother, and he proceeded to call her “stupid” and “trash.” She also says he bashed her culture “because it wasn’t his culture.” Yash then told his parents she was a “terrible person.”

TJ’s parents felt that the TLC star was being disrespectful when she showed up wearing ripped jeans. They told their son she needed to cover up more when she was around them. They also thought that she was causing havoc in their family.

Kimberly Not Happy about Living Situation

Kimberly also tells her father that TJ’s parents want her to live with them but don’t want her to be herself. So, she doesn’t know if she wants to be a part of the family. She feels they were “so terrible” to her the other day.

Kimberly Rochelle | TLC

The 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way castmate isn’t excited about her wedding. However, she knows she should be happy because she is marrying the love of her life. She explains that she and TJ don’t have any issues.

Kimberly’s father knows they spent a lot of money on the wedding and the apartment. But, he feels that she should have a living situation that is healthy for her. And how she is living now doesn’t sound anywhere near that.

Will 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Celeb Postpone Wedding?

Kimberly Rochelle’s father doesn’t feel it’s fair that his daughter has to give up her individuality for the sake of her relationship with Tejaswi Goswami. So, he finds that concerning. He wants his daughter to be able to be herself.

The 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way celeb’s father suggests postponing the wedding. He feels that it will allow his daughter to work things out. And if it doesn’t work, they can get her a ticket home to America. He tells his daughter that she doesn’t have to stay in India.

However, Kimberly doesn’t know if she wants to do that. She starts to get emotional thinking about what she should do moving forward. Will she postpone the wedding — or will TJ’s family accept her for how she is?

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