Love During Lockup: Savannah Moore Pushes Her Luck

Love During Lockup cast member Savannah Moore is not about to give up on her dream of marrying her inmate boyfriend, Jake. She continues to do everything possible to help him. All she wants is for him to get an early release from prison so she can marry the love of her life. Except there are a couple of obstacles that stand in their way.

Love During Lockup: Savannah Moore Pushes Her Luck with Jake N.

Savannah Moore feels hurt by her prison boyfriend’s attitude towards her. She doesn’t understand why he is always so short with her. She feels she goes above and beyond for him, and everything she does is to help him. It is all very confusing for her. Savannah works to figure out ways to help Jake get an early release from prison.

She hopes that once he is released, they will finally marry. There are a couple of problems, though. First, they need to be engaged. Second, Jake appears to have little to no interest in discussing marriage.

And not to mention, his family wants nothing to do with her. But, even so, she tries to contact his mom again. She hopes to meet her Love During Lockup partner’s mother in person. But his mom continues to ghost her. She doesn’t understand why his mom refuses to talk to her.

Jake Calls His WEtv Partner Stupid

Savannah Moore finds the situation frustrating. So, she confesses to Jake that she went behind his back and tried to contact his mom again. This news makes him angry. He tells her that he is sick of her sneaky ways. When she tries to explain herself, he won’t listen. He tells her that she is stupid and acts like a stalker.

The Love During Lockup star feels disappointed and upset by Jake’s remarks. She tells the WEtv camera crew that if she could meet with his family, she could prove to them how much he means to her. Savannah also says she would like a little appreciation for all her efforts to help make his life easier. But she will not let her situation with him get her down. So, she decides to do something to make herself feel better.

Love During Lockup: Savannah Keeps Her Eye on the Prize

Savannah is feeling down after her recent conversation with Jake. So, she and her friends go shopping for bridesmaid dresses for another friend’s wedding. But things take a strange turn at a bridal boutique. She gets caught up in her fantasy and decides to shop for her wedding gown.

The Love During Lockup cast member’s friends are concerned over her behavior. They know that they are not engaged. It makes them nervous because they feel their friend is becoming delusional. They try and talk to her about it, but she tells them she doesn’t want to hear their negativity. Her eye is on the prize, and that is becoming Jake’s wife, one way or another.

Savannah Moore | WEtv

Savannah is willing to marry him at any cost and on any terms, even if it means a prison wedding. She tells the salesperson that her dress must meet certain restrictions. “There are a couple things that it has to be, ’cause there’s some restrictions for it,” She says in the clip. “Has to be past my knees, can’t be too fitted.”

Her friends start to worry. They believe the Love During Lockup star may try to push him into a prison wedding. They think she is so desperate to marry him that she will do anything to make it happen. But, since Jake and Savannah Moore are not on the same page about marriage, they fear their friend is heading towards heartache. They can see her fragile state and worry a breakup could send her over the edge.

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