Love During Lockup: Jade Chipps Steps up Her Game

Love During Lockup star Jade Chipps feels nervous. She can’t get her previous conversation with her inmate spouse, Chris Chipps, out of her head. She has a bad vibe that something recently changed in their relationship. So, she needs to step up her game and ensure everything is all good.

Love During Lockup: Jade Chipps Rethinks Her Relationship with Chris Chipps

Jade Chipps says her nerves are on edge. She is concerned that something about her relationship with her husband, Chris Chipps, is off. She can’t get their last conversation off her mind. The Love During Lockup star feels uneasy about things. She says she feels her husband made a point to remind her that his money takes care of her.

It does not make it any easier on her that her sister, Jessica Belowski, adds to her worries. Jessica doesn’t care for Chris. Many WEtv viewers think she is jealous of her sister’s relationship and tries to cause issues. She admits she is concerned. They are fighting a lot. It also doesn’t help that her husband’s family believes she uses him for his money.

Jade Chipps – Jessica Belowski | WEtv

So, she feels more concerned than ever after her recent visit with Chris’ nieces. She fears that his family may also be trying to split them up. Because of everything, she’s rethinking her relationship. She feels she needs to make some changes before it is too late.

Chris Puts His WEtv Wife in Check

The Love During Lockup star Jade says she never worried about money or her welfare before Chris until recently. She says she never thought about everything being in his name. Yet, during their last phone call, he stressed that everything they have belongs to him. Their house and vehicles are all in his name alone.

She says she never questioned the arrangement before. But Chris’ attitude makes her think she could be out in the cold should their marriage fail. This is a frightening thought for her. She adds that her husband had never made an issue of throwing money in her face before. This leads her to think that something is up.

Jessica agrees with her sister. She feels her sister needs to find a way to protect herself financially, just in case. Jade agrees she needs a backup plan. But first, she thinks she must ensure he feels secure about their marriage. So, she decides she needs to step up her love game. At least that could buy her more time to figure her finances out.

Love During Lockup: Jade Panics

Jade can’t help but panic. She’s relied entirely on Chris Chipps for five years. She thought they had a solid connection until recently. But she stays on edge since he put it in her head that she would have nothing without him. She wants to find a way to make him happy. Because when her Love During Lockup spouse is happy, her life is stress-free.

Love During Lockup: Chris Chipps - Jade Chipps
Chris Chipps – Jade Chipps | WEtv

So, she and Jessica visit the prison. She surprises him and tells him to look outside his window. When he does, he sees Jade is there, and he is happy to see her. But this is not going to be enough to satisfy him. He admits that he suffers from trust issues and FOMO (fear of missing out), where his wife is concerned.

If it were up to him, he would spend every moment, every day, by her side. But due to his lengthy prison sentence, it could be a long time before that can happen. Right now, the Love During Lockup spouses, Jade Chipps and Chris Chipps’ marital issues are mounting. If she doesn’t figure out how to keep him happy now, their marriage may not survive much longer. So, she has a lot to figure out.

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