Bold and the Beautiful: Poppy Dumps Info on Finn for Explosive Monday

Bold and the Beautiful has Finn about to find out the name of the man who fathered Poppy Nozawa’s daughter as Friday’s cliffhanger rolls into Monday on the CBS soap.

Then John Finnegan will understand why his aunt has this conversation with him. But there’s a chance he won’t walk away happy after he hears what she has to say. Or – will he?

Bold and the Beautiful Sets Scene for Finn & Poppy Nozawa

Finn opens the door to Poppy Nozawa (Romy Park), his mother’s polar opposite sister. So his aunt may have something to share with John Finnegan (Tanner Novlan).

Or does she have something to ask him instead? We soon find out when Monday rolls around on Bold and the Beautiful. Some fans think Finn’s about to find out he’s the father of a 20-year-old.


Across town, Luna Nozawa (Lisa Yamada) sadness causes a tear to trickle out of the corner of Bill Spencer’s (Don Diamont) eye. He first arrived to surprise Poppy. But instead, he found a distraught Luna alone.

She wants to know who her father is, and her mother keeps this under wraps. So, Bill listens to her complaint. Then he agrees with this young intern that she has a right to know. So, Finn and Poppy discussed this, as well as Luna and Bill, as Friday’s Bold and the Beautiful came to a close.

B&B Spoilers: Is Finn a Father, Brother, or Helper?

The theories ran rampant a while back that Poppy’s daughter was spawned inside Li Finnegan‘s (Naomi Matsuda) home. This came up while Finn’s mother reminisced how Poppy Nozawa lived with them at one time.

Li, Finn, and Jack Finnegan (Ted King) were under the same roof around the same time Li’s free-spirited sister became pregnant with Luna. So, if Poppy tells Finn that his father is also Luna’s father, that could be enough to put him over the edge. Or this might even go a step further for John Finnegan. Could he be his cousin’s daddy?

He’s already dealing with the death of his birth mother, who died at the hands of his wife. So this wouldn’t be good. Finn was in college at the time Poppy Nozawa moved in with his family. So, he was a young man.

Another theory has Finn as Luna’s father.  A night out with college buddies and overdoing it with alcohol could cause a wrong turn into a bedroom, well… it happens. So, is Finn’s aunt about to tell him that he’s the father? Or is he being targeted as a helper in Poppy’s ploy?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Is Bill Spencer the Real Daddy?

One thing is for sure, we can look forward to an explosive Bold and the Beautiful when Monday rolls along. If Finn or Jack Finnegan end up as Luna’s father, the ramifications would likely spread like wildfire.

But maybe that’s not what Poppy Nozawa is about to tell Finn. It’s possible now that her daughter demands to know her father’s identity, the free-spirited woman may not be too sure of who the father is.

Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) - Luna Nozawa (Lisa Yamada)

While she’s told Bill Spencer that he’s not the father, after what Luna said on Friday, it could be that her mom attempts to throw the publishing icon off the trail.

Or she might not be sure who the father is, after all, we learned from her sister that she bedded down quite a few men in her day.

B&B Spoilers: Why Involve Finn if Poppy Thinks Bill is the Father?

If Poppy thinks Bill could be Luna’s father, why would she need Finn? The only other doctor in the family is Li, and she’s not going to do anything to help her sister. But Finn is also a doctor, whom Poppy gets along with.

So, is she about to ask Finn for help with a sneaky ploy to get a definitive answer on who is Luna’s father ix once and for all? Maybe she plans to collect Bill’s DNA from a glass or his toothbrush. She might have come to Finn to ask that he run Bill’s DNA against the DNA she also collects from her daughter.

So, as of Bold and the Beautiful‘s Friday cliffhanger, it looks like Poppy Nozawa is about to reveal to John Finnegan the identity of her daughter’s father. Or at least who she believes it is on the CBS soap.

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