Bold and the Beautiful: Luna Manipulated – Path of Destruction Looms?

Bold and the Beautiful has Luna Nozawa in a vulnerable position these days, and it seems everyone wants a say in the direction she’s going on the CBS soap. This young girl put so much into saving herself for the man she loves.

When he finally walked into her life, it was magical to her. Now she’s feeling tainted after waking up beside her boyfriend’s cousin. So, she’s fragile as everyone around her tries to point her in a direction in which she doesn’t want to go.

Bold and the Beautiful: Luna Nozawa In a Bad Place

Luna Nozawa (Lisa Yamada) is in a lot of emotional pain on the B&B screen these days. She worries that if RJ Forrester (Joshua Hoffman) finds out about her night of betrayal, that will end it with the man she adores.

Of course, her betrayal was a mistake, one that she didn’t cause. But some Bold and the Beautiful fans blame Zende Forrester (Delon de Metz) for his relentless pursuit of the young intern.


She turned him down many times when he made advances. She even told Zende how much she loved RJ on several occasions. Plus, Zende also heard this from his cousin as well. RJ told him how much he loved Luna.

So, some Bold and the Beautiful viewers think he should have respected Luna Nozawa and left her alone. But now he’s pushing even more.

B&B Spoilers: Luna Shuts Down Zende Once Again

This week on Bold and the Beautiful, Zende pulled out the grandest offer of them all. He tried to entice Luna Nozawa into leaving RJ and take up with him. You might be one of the viewers who are asking themselves, what is wrong with this guy? Many are asking this question online today.

Zende doesn’t seem to be in touch with reality, as the FC intern has done just about everything to detour him. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate she soon faces Eric Forrester (John McCook) who asks Luna to imagine a life with Zende.

Now, this grandfather recently told RJ never to let his girlfriend go. But next, he’s hinting that maybe she should sway toward his other grandson. So, this is not likely anything that Luna Nozawa wants to imagine, despite the man she idolizes, the famous Eric Forrester, is the one suggesting this.

Of course, RJ turns on the charm and continues to declare his love for Luna. But she feels as if she betrays him a little more each day for keeping her night with his cousin a secret. So, she has RJ’s cousin and grandfather pushing her in the wrong direction. As far as she is concerned, she wants only RJ Forrester.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: FC Intern in Overload?

Luna Nozawa’s life was wonderful up until that horrible night. Now she struggles with being honest versus chancing ruining what they have by confessing to RJ. She has her mother, Poppy Nozawa (Rom Parks). This mom is beyond desperation and goes ballistic when begging Luna to keep this a secret from her boyfriend.

So, the FC star intern is pulled in a few different directions. But Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest this is just the beginning of her problems.

Bold and the Beautiful: Luna Nozawa (Lisa Yamada) - Poppy Nozawa (Romy Park)

This young woman has no one to confide in about what she wants to do, which is to be honest with RJ. The closest person to her is her mother. But Poppy just overrides her daughter’s wishes with what she wants her to do, keep mum.

The only person she can confide in is RJ, but that can’t happen unless she decides to come clean with him. This is Bold and the Beautiful, so this is likely all a moot point. Soon everyone will know, and if so, that’s when Luna Nozawa finds herself under massive pressure.

B&B Spoilers: No Good Can Come of This for Luna…

RJ is going to find out. But if he does from anyone other than Luna, her goose is cooked. At least if she tells him, she maintains her honesty with RJ. If not, then he may find it hard to trust her.

Bold and the Beautiful will likely have everyone become aware of Luna’s night of betrayal. And while it’s not a true betrayal on her part, RJ may see it as one if he finds out some other way than Luna telling him.

So, if RJ knows, chances are some really strong opinions spring up from his family. Once his mom, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), finds out, she’ll have her say to her son as well.

Despite Brooke finding herself in the same place as Luna in the past, she likely goes against Luna seeing her son. Plus, the intern position she loves so much will likely never be the same, that is if they even keep her.

Bold and the Beautiful: A Page from Her Mother’s Book?

RJ Forrester finding out about this is likely on the way for Bold and Beautiful. Even if he forgives Luna Nozawa and wants to keep their relationship intact, there will probably be roadblocks galore from RJ’s side of the family.

Sadly, the road ahead for this young lady looks awful, and B&B may end up having her taking a page out of her mother’s book to cope. And that would prove harmful.  Eating her mother’s special mints like candy caused her to hallucinate.

But she knows from her mother that all you need is one to numb the pain. So, it looks like she won’t be able to avoid pain when it comes to RJ. So, her mom’s mints may be tempting to Luna Nozawa as the CBS soap rolls along.

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