Box Office: Good day for Bollywood as Article 370 and Crakk cross Rs. 10 crores mark on Friday, Cinema Lovers Day

It turned out to be a good Friday for Bollywood as over Rs. 10 crores came in. Article 370 and Crakk were the two new releases of the week and while the former took a very good opening, the latter did well as well. What further helped the collections was Cinema Lovers Day been (suddenly) declared a couple of days before releases, as a result of which the tickets were made available for a mere Rs. 99. This helped in increased footfalls, though that worked more for Crakk since it’s a massy film and hence lower ticket prices helped.

As for the collections, Article 370 brought in Rs. 6.12 crores on its first day and that’s a really good number considering the fact that this one is a geopolitical drama with a lot of constitutional jargon. That could well alienate a large chunk of audience but then on the flipside there is a lot for the class audience which means at the premium multiplexes with higher priced tickets, the film will come on its own from today. Since critical acclaim is high on the film and word of mouth amongst audiences really solid, expect the collections to increase over the weekend.

On the other hand, Crakk is an out and out massy film and hence it made sense to entice maximum count of audiences on the first day itself, so that the word of mouth spreads fast. The film does appeal to the gentry, though its polished treatment and truly big screen appeal offers to the young generation as well, especially those who are into gaming and extreme sports. A start of Rs. 4.11 crores has been taken, which is the third best for Vidyut Jammwal after Commando 3 and Commando 2, and now it’s about the kind of momentum that it picks from this point on.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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