Young and the Restless Spoilers: Lily on the Warpath – Major Drama Ahead

Young and the Restless spoilers confirm Lily Winters‘ heartbreak will pave the way for some serious drama. And there will be fallout for several characters on the CBS soap opera.

Lily Winters Heartbroken on Young and the Restless

Currently, on Y&R, Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) is still reeling from Daniel Romalotti‘s (Michael Graziadei) betrayal. She was utterly heartbroken when Daniel admitted that he’s getting back together with Heather Stevens (Vail Bloom).

Not only did he sleep with Heather, he’s still in love with her. To make matters worse he told Lily he never stopped loving her. So, of course, that makes her feel like their whole relationship was a lie.


As if things couldn’t get any worse, Daniel dropped another bomb on Young and the Restless. He let it slip that her brother, Devon Hamilton (Bryton James), knew and agreed that it was best not to tell her until she came home. So, now, Devon must face the music.

Devon in the Hot Seat on Y&R

This week, on Young and the Restless, Lily confronts Devon. She shows up to work at Chancellor-Winters unexpectedly. No doubt, Devon is thrown. Then, she confronts him about Daniel. Of course, he feels horrible.

His first instinct was to call her but then he didn’t want to overwhelm her while she was taking care of her daughter. He was trying to do the right thing and deep down he probably knew it was going to blow up in his face.

Thankfully, Lily’s anger toward Devon doesn’t last long. She tells him that she’s not mad at him, she’s just sad because of Daniel. Her whole world fell apart and she doesn’t know what to do so she’s throwing herself into work. But soon, the workplace could set the stage for massive drama.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Lily’s Return Promises Drama Ahead

Not long ago on Y&R, Lily hired Heather at CW and of course, Daniel already works there. So, things are about to be tense. Daniel and Heather think that they’re all adults so they’ll be able to make it work.

However, that might not be the case. Lily is far from petty but she might realize that she can’t handle working with the two of them in the same environment. So she may start working on a way to get them both out of her family company.

On top of that, official Young and the Restless spoilers tease big drama in the aftermath of Lily’s split from Daniel. He’s looking forward to this new chapter with Heather, but it’s not going to be smooth sailing like he thinks.

And no doubt, Lily fans want to see him pay for breaking her heart. Y&R is getting intense. Don’t miss a minute to see what comes next for Lily Winters, and if Heather and Daniel’s days are numbered on the CBS daytime drama.

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