Young and the Restless Spoilers: Devon Blasts Cheating Daniel

Young and the Restless spoilers confirm Devon Hamilton confronts Daniel Romalotti for cheating on his sister, Lily Winters, on the CBS soap opera.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Daniel Romalotti Showdown with Devon Hamilton

There’s some really icky stuff about to go down on Y&R with Daniel Romalotti (Michael Graziadei) that soon has Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) coming to confront the guy. Here’s what Daniel does that pushes Devon too far and why he’s clapping back at him.

Okay, I don’t think any of us like cheaters and there’s some really sketchy infidelity stuff going on right now on Young and the Restless. And that leads to the impending showdown that Devon insists on having.

Heather Stevens Chasing Daniel on Y&R

So, you already know that Heather Stevens (Vail Bloom) has been doing all she can to steal Daniel from Lily Winters (Christel Khalil). Right now, Christel Khalil is on maternity leave. She presumably gave birth back in December but hasn’t shared a photo of her new baby yet.

While she’s out they wrote Lily that bizarre exit storyline about her daughter’s teacher dying in a wildfire. It’s weird but it’s what we’ve got. Mind you, Lily and Daniel were all loved up before she left on Young and the Restless. And she was already concerned about Heather being way too present in Daniel’s life.

But Lily played really nicely. She even got Heather a job as legal counsel for Chancellor-Winters. And how does Heather repay that good deed? She’s been macking on Lily’s man, putting her hands on him while he was asleep, and making out with him when she can.

Heather Playing Dirty on Young and the Restless

Mind you, Heather kicked Daniel out of their home and started seeing a new man. When Daniel tried to get back with Heather, before he and Lily started dating, Heather flat-out told him no and said she was in love with her new boyfriend. So, Daniel moved on with Lily, and guess what?

Heather ditched the new guy and decided to try and steal Lily’s man. And Daniel’s apparently pretty weak – like his dad, Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian), who’s also waffling lately. Heather kissed Daniel and then told him she wanted him back.

She said she fell back in love with him and on the Monday, January 22 episode, Daniel and Heather took it to the bedroom. He’s still dating Lily who’s under the impression she can trust him. But while she’s got this family emergency, he’s getting frisky with his ex, betraying Lily.

Devon Learns Dirty Truth on Young and the Restless

Now let’s remember that Omega Sphere is part of the Chancellor-Winters business. So, that means Devon will be seeing both Daniel and Heather at work. It’s not clear from the spoilers exactly how Devon figures out that Daniel’s betraying his sister Lily.

But it seems it’s headed that way. Y&R spoilers for the week ahead on Thursday, January 25 say that Devon corners and confronts Daniel. This can only be about Lily, right? I mean it’s not going to be long until people realize Daniel’s sleeping with Heather on Young and the Restless.

And after doing the deed on Monday, it doesn’t sound like he’s going to stop. It was a deliberate choice, not some drunken accident or anything. Already, Danny warned Daniel to be careful. He said that Lucy Romalotti (Lily Brooks O’Briant) wants them back together.


And don’t forget Lucy has that photo of her mom curled up sleeping on her dad’s chest on Young and the Restless. So, she can always post that on social media to upset Lily, which would be kind of awful.

I wonder if Devon overhears Heather and Daniel talking at work. Or he overhears Danny and Daniel talking at the GCAC about Heather. Or heck, Devon might even spot Heather and Daniel canoodling. Either way, I think Devon’s got suspicions but not proof when he confronts Daniel.

Devon Protects Lily on Y&R

I mean let’s be real, Devon Hamilton lives in a glass house when it comes to cheating. Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) and Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) walked in on Devon butt-necked and getting it on with Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway).

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Amanda Sinclair - Devon Hamilton - Abby Newman - Chance Chancellor

So, if Devon does come at him, it’s kind of hypocritical on Young and the Restless. But then again, what else can Devon do? He’s got to confront Daniel to stop him from breaking his sister Lily’s heart. And no doubt, Lily’s heart will be broken.

Lily Comes Home to Heartbreak

And this is the last thing she deserves. Lily’s always had the worst luck with guys. I mean Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard) was a piece of work, who did Lily dirty so many times. And Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) was better than Cane.

But not meant to be her happily ever after. He was way too problematic for her. But the last thing that Lily deserves is Daniel cheating on her while she’s off dealing with her daughter.

I will say this… Daniel and Heather doing this behind Lily’s back kind of has me hoping that once the dust settles and Lily is back she dumps him and then Daniel and Heather leave town together. Lily doesn’t need this.

Young and the Restless – Daniel Leaves Town with Heather?

She doesn’t need to see them together rubbing this in her face constantly with their presence after betraying her. I’m not sure how long the Young and the Restless powers that be intended for Daniel and Danny to stay in town. But I’m nearly ready to see them both gone.

Danny’s playing catnip for two women that no one wants to see fighting over him.
And now Daniel’s in bed with another woman. So, yeah, he can pack and go too. There’s no word on how long Christel will be out for maternity leave.

Her last appearance as Lily was on December 7th, when she left town to go see her daughter. That means the Young and the Restless actress wrapped shooting the first week of November. Usually, maternity leaves run 8-12 weeks.

So, we can estimate she’s back filming in early January or February returning to the soap in February or March. If she’s back in Sweeps which runs all of the calendar month of February, she may be able to bust Daniel red-handed with Heather. Of course, no one wants to see her heartbroken.

But I also really want to see Daniel and his cheating buddy busted. And after that, maybe Devon will fire her from Chancellor-Winters if she doesn’t do the decent thing and resign. And then they can pack up with Lucy and head back to Savannah.

That alternative is better than a love triangle, right? Keep watching the CBS daytime drama to see Daniel Romalotti face the wrath of Devon Hamilton.

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