Young and the Restless Prediction: Ashley Unraveling – Exit Ahead?

Young and the Restless predictions see Ashley Abbott falling apart and wonder if her time on the CBS soap opera is almost up.

Young and the Restless: Ashley Abbott Takes Sharp Turn

Currently, on Y&R, Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) is going downhill, and all signs are pointing to another emotional breakdown. She had one years ago but got back on track. But now, things are shifting. Ashley’s odd behavior seemingly came out of nowhere because she had been doing great for so long.

Granted, for a while, she was obsessed with destroying Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) and running her out of Genoa City. And that may be part of the reason she ended up reconnecting with Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John). Indeed, that wasn’t a good idea. Tucker broke Ashley’s heart back in the day on Young and the Restless.


So, at first, she wanted nothing to do with him. However, once he got on board to help her take control of Jabot Cosmetics, their bond deepened. Ashley fell back in love with Tucker, and they remarried.

Then, on their honeymoon in Paris, Tucker lost it when Ashley decided not to go through with their plan to destroy her family. No doubt, he felt threatened by her closeness with her family. So, she filed for divorce.

But then things got interesting as Ashley reflected on their time in Paris. She recalled Tucker becoming violent, but he swore she was wrong. Then, Ashley started hearing voices in her head. Later, she realized she did distort the scenario, and it hit her hard.

Ashley’s Mental Health Worsens on Y&R

Indeed, it’s easy to see that Tucker and his agenda are taking a toll on her mental health. After their split, she started slipping. Longtime Young and the Restless viewers may recall that Ashley had a mental breakdown decades ago.

It began when she and her husband at the time, Brad Carlton (Don Diamont), were expecting a child and trying to save their marriage. She was away at a resort when there was Abbott/Newman drama going on back home in Genoa City.

Jabot Cosmetics and Newman Enterprises were at each other’s throats. Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) went to see Ashley to reassure her. However, he had the opposite effect and worried her more. So, she drove home and got into an awful car accident on the way.

She was terribly hurt and went into a coma on Young and the Restless. Furthermore, she lost the baby and found out she couldn’t have any more children. As a result, she had a breakdown and carried around a blanket that she showed to everyone, saying he was her son.

Sadly, Ashley was not well for a long time. Then, Victor paid her a visit, and he was the one to get through to her. Now, it appears that she’s heading down the same path, and it seems Tucker is the trigger this time. And we may say goodbye to Ashley soon.

Eileen Davidson Out on Young and the Restless?

It wasn’t that long ago that Ashley’s portrayer, Eileen Davidson, took a break from Y&R. She spoke out about her hiatus, saying she needed to take time off to spend with family.

So, her current storyline might be leading up to her exit from the sudser. Eileen has been on the soap for decades, and now she might want to put her family first. If so, she might return someday.

But, for now, her character might suffer another mental health crisis and go away for treatment. Y&R is full of surprises. Don’t miss a minute to see if Ashley Abbott is on her way out of the CBS daytime drama.

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