Young and the Restless Spoilers: Phyllis Unhinged – Will She Hurt Cricket?

Young and the Restless baddie Phyllis Summers is determined to get Danny Romalotti, and Christine Williams could be in grave danger on the CBS soap opera.

Young and the Restless: Phyllis Summers Obsessed

We have got to talk about Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) and how far her obsession will go. And by obsession, I mean the one she has about Christine Williams (Lauralee Bell), not necessarily Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian).

I want to discuss whether she is going to go completely unhinged and do something bad to Cricket. So, on Tuesday, she put on sexy underwear under a trench coat. She met Danny Romalotti in the Jazz Lounge and proceeded to act like a total skeevy skank on Young and the Restless.

Phyllis wasn’t just flashing him a peep or a bra strap. She was half stripping in the lounge, acting so tragically desperate. And that came after she prodded Danny to play her that song he wrote and then posted it online. He called her out but she just wouldn’t stop.

Red Keeps Pushing

And then she was talking crazy about how Christine’s obsessed with him after Danny said Phyllis was playing her usual games. Then, she posted the video to make it look like they were dating. She has such a skewed vision of things on Young and the Restless.

And she went on ranting about Christine being threatened by her and jealous of her. He calls her out for twisting reality but she seems well and truly convinced that Danny really wants her. What’s not helping, though, is Danny letting her stick her tongue in his mouth and returning the favor.

Christine Williams at Her Limit on Y&R

Things changed though on Young and the Restless after Christine saw him kissing Phyllis and confronted him. She makes it clear that she thinks he’s into being in the middle but she doesn’t want to be in a threeway and tells Danny to choose and if it’s Phyllis, it’s crazy, but fine with her.

He insists he wants Christine but she says she saw the kiss and it tells her something else. Red, of course, lurks and asks what’s bugging The Bug after Christine leaves. And then Danny loses it on Young and the Restless. He says that’s it — no more, we’re done.

He said she blew up things with him and Christine and he’s not having it. So yes, The Bug was prodding and provoking Phyllis to talk about her and Danny’s romantic trip. But since she and Danny are dating and he and Phyllis are not, it’s really up to Christine if she wants to brag, right?

But at the same time, Cricket’s kinda dim for provoking Phyllis this way. She made it clear she doesn’t think Phyllis is reformed or a better person. Has Christine forgotten what Phyllis did to her in the past on Young and the Restless? Why would she poke the psycho bear that is Ms. Summers?


As Phyllis and Danny talked, she kept on and said he’s conflicted until he stormed out. But I expect he’s no longer conflicted and is going to spurn Phyllis and refuse to see her.

Only letting her near him if there’s a third-party buffer in the room to stop her from making moves on him. But I don’t think Phyllis will accept this. I think she’s going to come unhinged. So, now, let’s shift gears and talk about five things Phyllis might do…

#1 Red Rapes Danny on Young and the Restless

Phyllis might drug and rape Danny again. It’s plain to see that Danny is sexually tempted by Phyllis. She’s got a great body and all that. But I think that’s it.

He’s just got that visceral reaction to her in a horny schoolboy kind of way. But he doesn’t love her. So, Phyllis could think she needs to remind him of how good they can be in the bedroom.

Assuming if they sleep together, he’ll want her to be around all the time. Of course, Danny doesn’t seem willing to go there. But she’s drugged and raped him before on Young and the Restless. So, she might do it again.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian) - Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford)

# 2 Phyllis Trashes Cricket’s Apartment on Y&R

Phyllis might wreck Christine’s apartment. I’m not sure where Christine lives these days. They only show the ranch, a couple of apartments, and rooms at the GCAC. But I feel like Red might do to The Bug what she did to Sharon in the past.

Do you remember when Nick slept with Sharon while married to Phyllis on Young and the Restless? I mean Phyllis slept with him when he was married to Sharon so it was kinda karmic. But Phyllis freaked when she found out.

She went to Sharon’s hotel room and had a screaming tantrum while cutting up all of her clothes. I could see Phyllis doing something like this and trashing Christine’s place in a rage over Danny choosing her.

#3 Red Destroys The Bug’s Career on Young and the Restless

Also, she might try and ruin Christine’s career. These days, Phyllis is a pretty talented hacker so she might put those skills to work to mess with Cricket. She could hack into her work emails or do something to her law firm’s website.

Since Christine’s not DA anymore, she’s in private practice which means a website, office, and clients. Phyllis could try and ruin her professional reputation by posting something crazy on her website.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian) - Christine Williams - Cricket (Lauralee Bell)

Or, a bunch of bad reviews or leaking private info so that clients think Christine did it. I could totally see Phyllis doing something like that because she’s done similar things in the past on Young and the Restless.

#4 Phyllis Stalks Danny & Cricket on Y&R

Phyllis could engage in basic harassment, trying to ruin things for Danny and Cricket as a couple. She could find out where they have dinner reservations and cancel them.

If they plan an overnight trip again, like they just did, Phyllis can cancel their hotel reservation. Put them on different flights and other things using her hacking and other skills.

Really, Phyllis could just make things hard for them on Young and the Restless. So that their romantic outings never work out, without them being able to prove that it’s Phyllis messing with them.

Our last scenario is much more dastardly but I could see it happening if Phyllis Summers comes completely unglued…

#5 Phyllis Attacks Cricket Again on Young and the Restless

Phyllis may finish what she started and run down Christine with her car. Way back in the day — and I’m reaching way back — after Phyllis lied and said Danny got her pregnant after raping him, she got him to marry her.

But Christine was working to prove that Phyllis lied and was digging up dirt. She decided back then that Christine was the only reason she couldn’t get Danny to fall in love with her on Young and the Restless.

Young and the Restless: Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) - Christine Blair Williams (Lauralee Bell)

So, she thought… The Bug needs to die! Phyllis rented a car and then aimed, intending to run Cricket over. However, Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) saw the car coming and knocked Christine out of the way but was seriously hurt.

Phyllis Summers Gets Away with Attempted Murder

Phyllis drove off and got away with it.
Many years later, the truth came out and everyone was horrified. She claimed it was an accident and she was just going to scare her. Christine tried to prosecute when it came out on Young and the Restless.

But the statute of limitations had expired. She got away with it before, so Phyllis might think she can get away with it again but finish what she started. So, the question is, how far will Phyllis go to keep Danny from being with Christine?

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. I think Phyllis has some lingering fixation on Danny Romalotti. But I also think Phyllis’ motivation in all this is one-upping Christine Williams. She doesn’t want Christine to have him. In the end, Phyllis could hurt Danny, thinking if I can’t have him, no one can.

But I am leaning more towards Phyllis doing bad things to hurt Christine. We’ll see how it goes. But I think Phyllis Summers will come unhinged when she sees that Danny’s serious about cutting her out of his life on the CBS sudser.

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