Welcome to Plathville: Barry & Micah Bond Over Getting Buff

Welcome to Plathville star Barry Plath is ready to move forward with life as a single man. So, he recruits the help of his son, Micah Plath, to lead the way. He likes spending more time with his son and says they have recently developed a different type of bond and enjoy it.

Welcome to Plathville: Barry Plath Takes a Page from Micah Plath’s Book

Barry Plath of Welcome to Plathville is the first to admit that his split from his wife of 25 years, Kim Plath, is hard on him. He had to adapt to a new lifestyle. In the beginning, he says he was uninterested in making changes. However, his second oldest son, Micah Plath, took it upon himself to help lift his dad out of his divorce funk.

Barry Plath | TLC

TLC followers of Micah know that he loves working out. Many of his fans say he is addicted to it. But, over the years, he says working out has become a way to improve his health and physique and help with his modeling career.

He also says it is a great stress reliever. Since his parents split, they have been spending more time together in the gym. Barry’s new addiction to working out is starting to pay off, and Welcome to Plathville viewers say they can see a huge difference in him this season.

Micah Teaches TLC Dad the Art of Being a Bro?

Season 5 of the Welcome to Plathville sneak peek video shows Barry and Micah hitting the gym. The Plath men began to banter immediately. His son calls their workout sessions a competition. The two try to outdo each other, but it is all fun. The TLC dad says that he and his son are at a new stage in their relationship. They have formed a new bond together.

Barry describes his new relationship with Micah as more of a “bro bond” than a father and son bond. Some fans think that he is in search of his lost youth. It is also clear that he enjoys his new bond with his dad. In the past, things have become stressful between father and son. So, to see them come back around and develop a close relationship is something that Micah wants.

Welcome to Plathville: Barry Competes for His Children’s Attention?

Barry Plath’s competition doesn’t stop with Micah Plath in the gym. Many viewers think he feels the need to compete with his ex-Kim Plath for their children’s attention and approval. So many things in the family’s lives have changed since the split. Both parents have become more relaxed in how they choose to parent their children.

Kim Plath is very different from what she was in the past. She allows the children to engage in more normal everyday activities. This includes the use of the internet, cell phones, and social media. It is a new world for them all, especially the younger siblings.

Barry needs to keep up with the new world Kim is allowing for their children. So, to do that, he’s up his game as well. His new bro bond with his son Micah Plath is only the beginning. Throughout Season 5 of Welcome to Plathville, viewers will see many more changes for all the Plath family members. The Plath family will enjoy most of the changes. Yet, some will cause more issues and force the Plath siblings into new directions they are not all comfortable with.

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