The Family Chantel: Lidia Morel Wants to Marry American Man

Lidia Morel from The Family Chantel wants to marry an American man. She has one goal, and that’s to find herself a husband from America. But will she be able to make that happen?

The Family Chantel: Lidia Morel Looks for American Husband

Lidia Morel has found herself a new hobby. She has been learning English. She decides to learn the language because it is a universal language. But that isn’t the only reason. She reveals that two of her friends recommended she find herself an American partner.

The Family Chantel reality star’s friends tell her that they are “good husbands.” They also say they are “faithful” and “dedicated to their partner.” And that they even help with household chores. She feels that they are not like men in the Dominican Republic.

Lidia explains that some men in her home country are “very womanizing.” The TLC star explains that the father of her children was that way and lied to her about it. She feels that she was “very naive” at the time. She reveals that he didn’t have a single woman. He had many women.

Lidia Learns English

Lidia has already learned a few phrases. She knows, “what happened?” She also knows how to say “I love you” and “I miss you” in English. She feels that she knows the important phrases.

Lidia Morel | TLC

The Family Chantel cast member has the goal of marrying an American man. Lidia even admits that she won’t stop looking until she achieves it. Yet, she won’t be the first person in her family to marry an American. Her son wed Chantel Everett. However, that didn’t have a happy ending. So, will she have a similar experience?

The Family Chantel: Lidia Morel
The Family Chantel | TLC

The Family Chantel Celeb Back with Scott?

Lidia Morel was on the latest season of Love In Paradise. She met an American man, Scott, online, and he went to the Dominican Republic to meet her in person. However, their time together was far from perfect. The language barrier became unbearable for him to handle. So, he broke up with her and went back to America.

However, the language barrier wasn’t the only reason Scott left The Family Chantel castmate. He also still had feelings for his ex-girlfriend. Who showed up in the DR, and they spent a couple of days together. Scott eventually came clean to Pedro Jimeno’s mother.

Yet, it looks like Scott and Lidia are willing to give their relationship another chance. She is now learning English to help with the language barrier. And she reveals to her kids, Nicole and Pedro Jimeno, that he is coming back to the DR. So, could she have already found a potential American lover?

Nicole and Pedro aren’t happy that their mother is still in contact with Scott. Nicole wants nothing to do with him. She feels that he was too aggressive during his last visit. Things then heat up when Pedro gets into a fight with him.

Will the TLC celeb achieve her goal of marrying an American?

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