Sister Wives: Kody Brown Gone – TLC Uses David Woolley as Replacement

Sister Wives star Kody Brown disappeared, and he’s replaced by David Woolley, the newlywed and a rising star from this TLC reality series today. Fans noticed Kody vanished, and David surfaced with his wife on the TLC series landing page.

The show offers a new hero image for this popular reality show. After discovering this in a recent online search, the change seems drastic to fans.

So, instead of the traditional photo of the man with ringlets, and his four wives looking back at you, TLC changed it. Now fans think it’s a glimpse of things to come.

Sister Wives Search – Not Kody Brown, It’s David Woolley

David Woolley replaced Kody Brown when it came to a husband for Christine Brown. But now it looks like this new couple highlights the whole kit-and-caboodle for the TLC series.

So, when you click Sister Wives for Discovery Plus, TLC Go, and, Kody is no longer part of the hero image. Instead, by entering “Sister Wives” in Google, you inevitably get David and Christine’s picture for the show’s landing page.

Sister Wives | TLC/Instagram

How Kody Brown feels about being replaced by David Woolley in this image is unknown. But fans think they know how he feels about David replacing him in the arms of Christine.

His third wife leaving him did a number on the Sister Wives patriarch. He came out swinging, saying he never loved wife number three. For that matter, he claimed he never loved any of them, except for Robyn Brown. But some fans believe differently.

TLC Hears Fans Wishes – Kody Vs. David?

Since the demise of the Sister Wives marriages, TLC fans have called upon the network to continue with the series, but with some major changes. After the way Kody treated his wives last season, Kody’s popularity seemed to tank. Many viewers express how they’ve had enough of the verbal bashing from this husband, aimed at the women he married.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - FB
Sister Wives | Facebook

Sister Wives fans would love to see a series that centers on the first three wives. They want to see Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, and Meri Brown in the aftermath of their polygamous marriage. So, this new hero image suggests to some fans that the show’s concentration is no longer on Kody Brown.

Fans have waited for the photo they use of Kody and his four wives to open every episode to update. But still, only one ring drops, with fans pushing TLC to drop two more rings. This would represent the three wives who walked away from the shared husband. But instead of more rings dropping, Kody dropped – right out of the picture.

Sister Wives: TLC Sends Message?

Replacing Kody Brown with Christine Brown and David Woolley as the new smiling faces of the Sister Wives popped up quietly. But some fans think the folks behind the scenes heard their wishes.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown - David Woolley - Hero Image
Sister Wives | TLC

Kody Brown makes a living from this reality series. So, many Sister Wives viewers felt they rewarded Kody Brown’s harsh treatment by tuning in. For some, it felt like this sent a message that they condoned this behavior each time they watched. That said, the ratings count on the number of viewers who tune in to watch.

Then those ratings factor into whether the show gets renewed or canceled. Many viewers suggest a show about the three original wives as they embark on life without Kody Brown.

So, fans like what they see when they land on the new hero image for the show.  It’s not known how Kody feels about this. But some fans bet the farm that he is not happy about David Woolley replacing him on the TLC series landing page.

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