Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Can’t Dodge This Wrecking Ball

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown can’t get out of the way of the wrecking ball that keeps swinging her way as the TLC series continues with a new episode.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Makes Grand Entrance

It’s all about Robyn Brown in the next episode, starting with a time long ago when she first entered the family. In real-time, the youngest wife tries to get some time alone with her ex-co-wives. She wants them to release her from the vow she made to the now-defunct plural marriage.

While that sounds like a noble gesture, fans suggest she lived outside those vows for a long time. It seems this new episode highlights this for the Sister Wives viewers.

Sister Wives | TLC

Robyn and Kody Brown get a trip down memory lane on the next Sister Wives episode. Fans get to see Kody watch clips of the days when Robyn Brown first entered his life. But his comments while watching seem very telling to the fans.

The other wives watch as well, and they reflect on just when they think if all went wrong. It seems all these years of Robyn denying the accusations that Kody has a favorite wife come back to bite her. Kody’s confessions offer up the most evidence that, for him, it was all about his youngest wife.

Robyn’s Worst Enemy… Kody Brown?

Kody Brown gushes as he watches a younger Robyn on the Sister Wives screen. He explains this as “a special time” for him in his life. Yet he has three other wives, all of whom have his children, feeling slighted during this long-ago timeline.

But he goes even further about his happiness surrounding his fourth wife. Next, he says he’s happy back then because “I finally fell in love.” She just came out on Sister Wives to ask for the other three ex-co-wives’ blessing so she can live happily ever after with Kody. So, this can’t help his last wife standing very much at getting her request met.


Sister Wives fans suggest Kody blew all Robyn’s chances of that happening with his words that he “finally fell in love”. For many of the viewers, Kody became like a wrecking ball. Whether he meant to or not, he mowed down what she said by stating the opposite quite often.

This season, fans think his now-only wife offered proof that she has control over Kody. So a lot of what transpired through the years now falls back on her. Like the lack of time that he spent with his other Sister Wives brides.

Fans felt that he played favoritism with his younger wife and her kids, which she denies. But Kody offered proof with his “finally fell in love” blurb. He just admitted, in a roundabout way, that she was the only wife he loved all through his four marriages.

Sister Wives: Redemption Out of Reach?

Robyn Brown told Sukanya Krishnan that she wanted a few moments with her ex-Sister Wives brides. She wanted them to release her from the vow of plural marriage.

Living without it makes Robyn feel as if she’s being disrespectful to the other three wives. Fans got a kick out of this because from where they sat through 18 seasons, she was disrespectful to her co-wives when it came to monopolizing their shared husband.

So far, Christine Brown is the only wife to answer that plea in public. And… That’s not ever going to happen, according to this Sister Wives celeb. The more Robyn talks this season, the more her husband seems to cancel out what she’s saying.

In the next new episode, the retro clips have Robyn saying that the shared husband is her soulmate. As Christine watches that today, she says that is when she realized she lost her husband to Robyn.

So, Robyn may want redemption. But it seems that with each corner she turns, her husband is there saying just the opposite of what Robyn Brown is trying to convey. Watch for more of this to come via the next episode of the TLC series.

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