Sister Wives: Robyn Trades Places as Fate of Series Questioned?

Sister Wives star, Robyn Brown, wallows in the aftermath of the once-plural marriage that made them all famous with a TLC series. Fans see this last wife standing as fighting back today in an attempt to secure her place on the screen for Season 19. But will another season make it to the network’s lineup?

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Sheds Her Obedience?

Robyn Brown, as well as Kody Brown, call it “loyalty”. They used this word to describe Kody calling the shots and Robyn following his lead.

According to Kody, before the original three wives jumped ship, he saw Robyn as the only loyal wife. The once-shared husband pointed that out several times on Sister Wives.

Sister Wives | TLC

That said, fans saw this as Robyn being the only obedient wife. Janelle Brown never liked the word “patriarch,” which was not how she saw this plural marriage. Although she’d often go along with things, she didn’t consider their shared husband in charge of it all.

So, while all four Sister Wives ladies often followed Kody’s lead, that started to fall by the wayside as the seasons went by. All except for Robyn Brown. As their shared husband said, he never saw her loyalty wane. Again, fans saw this as obedience, more so than loyalty.

Robyn Takes on New Role as Marriage Empties Out

Sister Wives fans probably caught a glimpse at the several campaigns online, just itching for a spinoff of the series. But most pleas for these spinoffs have nothing to do with Kody and/or Robyn Brown.

Viewers want to see the three original Sister Wives move on with their new lives without Kody Brown. Now, suddenly there seems to be a change in Robyn Brown.

Sure, she still breaks out in tears, but she’s also not as obliging to Kody as she once was. Sister Wives One-on-One wrapped up for the season. But then another format opened up.

The first installment of Sister Wives Talk Back aired on Friday, and the spouses got to watch a clip and then give their thoughts on that scene.

This is when viewers got to see Robyn Brown bite back at Kody for blaming his ex-co-wives. This was a new behavior from Robyn, who would usually sit quietly as her husband had his say.

Sister Wives: If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them?

The TLC series surpassed some popular shows in ratings during Season 18. So canceling a series that pulled in so many viewers doesn’t seem like a good move on the network’s part. So most viewers think it’s not over yet.

TLC usually doesn’t offer any info on renewal until just a few weeks before the new season is due to air. But one of the family members usually indicates that Sister Wives is filming long before the official word from the network comes down the line.

So, with fans wanting to see more of the wives who got away in a spinoff, maybe Robyn got the message. Now it looks like she’s bucking back at her husband these days, much like the other three ex-co-wives.

As Kody blurts out how the fault of this failed plural marriage falls on his wives, it looks like Robyn Brown turns it back on him. So, it seems as if Robyn is changing, but the reason for this is unknown.

Although many fans think that dollar signs are the answer. Social media comments seem to put her at the bottom of the popularity scale in comparison to the ladies who left. So, maybe she figures if you can’t beat them, join them in keeping her much-coveted role as a Sister Wives star.

The network mentioned nothing about what Sister Wives will look like going forward, or even if it is going forward. But with such great ratings, it’s likely a go for another season or two.

Fans think Robyn and Kody will do everything within their reach to keep themselves very much in the center of the show. So, with Robyn seemingly turning on Kody, this could be their way of making that happen on the TLC series.

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