Sister Wives: Robyn Kicks Kody Out in Awful Sounding Reveal Today?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown was recently kicked to the curb by Robyn Brown or at least this is what the tune he’s singing today reveals.

The man who brought polygamy to the screen with his TLC series did so to show the world the joys of plural marriage. While he claims the man with four wives is now down to none, he’s not looking too shaken up over this today.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Not Singing the Robyn Brown Blues

The news about Kody Brown leaving the home he shared with Robyn Brown originated from him. He does these short videos for fans, which generates money.

For the man now missing a few paychecks as his wives are on their own, this probably helps. Even if his song is a ploy to spin attention and Robyn is still there, she doesn’t work.

Sister Wives | TLC

So, for $150 Kody will concoct a personal greeting, like happy birthday. You can do this to send to a friend who likes Sister Wives.

Or you can pay for Kody to do one for yourself if that’s what floats your boat. But these greetings are usually 60 seconds or shorter, so you don’t get a lot of bang for your buck.

But it looks like a Sister Wives fan recently got a scoop along with a song from Kody Brown. If his tune is in key, then Robyn Brown is no longer with him.

Kody Belts Out His Fate with Robyn?

It sounds as if a fan requested Kody to sing a song about what is going on with him today. The lyrics really did suggest a whopper of a story about his relationship today with Robyn Brown. He set his song to the 1954 tune by Roger Miller, “King of the Road.”

He starts off singing with, “Two hours of running my mouth gets me in an 8 by 12 dog house.” Then the Sister Wives patriarch twists the original lyrics, “I am a man of wives with no wives, I’m king of the road.”

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown - Kody Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

To add a bit of evidence to Kody being king of the road is his 8 by 12 dog house. This is the size of a small bedroom.  Maybe he’s staying in someone’s guest room?

Still, better yet for a clue, he usually does his cameos from somewhere around the home where he lives with Robyn. But not this time.

In this video, it didn’t look like Robyn’s place at all. Instead, he sang about being a man of wives with no wives from a house that looked like a log cabin. So, maybe Kody Brown is couch-surfing, possibly staying at one of his friends’ houses.

Robyn Brown said she doesn’t feel “steady” with Kody anymore. So, it sounds like Robyn Brown wasn’t living in wedded bliss.

Sister Wives: Don’t Look for a Singing Career…

Fans got a kick out of Kody attempting to carry a tune. Some of those who heard him sing this song warned him not to look for a career as a singer.

But that wasn’t the only thing they got out of it. For a man whose wives are falling off his tree at a rapid rate, he didn’t look too upset. Fans wondered why the Sister Wives patriarch actually sang about having no wives left with a snarky attitude. They thought a breakup with Robyn would devastate him. After all, some felt Robyn was his “favorite” wife.

Still, this is the first time Kody admitted to causing his “no wives” situation. He said in the song that he ran his mouth, which got him in the dog house.

So, there you have it, according to Kody’s own words, he has no wives left. It stands to reason that Robyn Brown would eject him and stay in the home with her five kids. It’s likely a lot easier for him to leave than for Robyn to pack up herself and her kids.

So, this season, fans watched as the Sister Wives’ marriages fell apart. This is the journey that led up to that for Robyn Brown if, as Kody Brown says he’s got no more wives left today.

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