Sister Wives: Robyn’s Choice Slammed by Family Member Ahead of Season 19

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown gets plenty of negative hits via comments from fans, but now a family member offers a twist on her behavior ahead of Season 19 of the TLC series. She’s the last wife standing out of four, and she reports a broken heart over the demise of her family.

Yet, she expressed her sorrow by citing something sad this demise means for her future. The prospect of an empty front porch in her old age had her crying uncontrollably. But before her golden years arrive, it’s what she’s done to replace polygamy with monogamy that a family member tosses her way today.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Crushed

Fans were stunned when Robyn Brown cried through one of the biggest fiascos the Sister Wives filmed over the last few seasons. The event offered even more evidence for the viewers that Robyn came into the family with an agenda. And it seems a family member also sees it that way in a new real-time video.

As Kody Brown pushed Meri Brown out of their marriage, Robyn’s moans were heard like background music. She cried uncontrollably while saying she could no longer look forward to sitting on the front porch with her three co-wives in old age.

Sister Wives | TLC

So, this is how polygamy ended for Robyn Brown, but the signs of what she wanted out of polygamy popped up in the early days, while she courted Kody. Now, Kody Brown’s nephew starts his journey with Sister Wives.

Ben Brown is Kody’s nephew. He is the son of Kody Brown’s brother. And after watching episodes of his uncle’s reality show for the first time, he has a lot to say.

Robyn Sits Front and Center In the First Season

Ben Brown escaped the polygamous compound where he grew up. He sees some of what he experienced while living with his polygamous family in Kody Brown’s family.

Ben’s take on polygamy and the practices of his family aren’t good. This caused him to “escape” from that world, as he puts it. And he sees some of what he lived through playing out in the Sister Wives family with Robyn Brown.

From the beginning, she stated that she wanted no broken hearts as she agreed to join the family. Ben says you can’t live polygamy and not break hearts. And Sister Wives fans saw enough hearts broken on this series to suggest he is correct in his views.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

This nephew is only into the first season, so he hasn’t seen Robyn’s behavior past the early episodes yet, but his take on the beginning of Robyn’s move into the family is different. Sister Wives fans call him a “breath of fresh air”.

Many find his take “refreshing” as he says the things fans were thinking while watching Robyn Brown in action. He gathered 1.5 million likes and has over 100k in followers on social media, and he gathers more daily. As Season 19 looms for a late summer debut, Ben’s Sister Wives critique grabs fans’ attention.

Sister Wives: Ben Brown’s Take on Wife Number Four

A scene that caught Kody’s nephew’s attention has Robyn crying about breaking the hearts of the other wives. She worries about this before she is married, in a scene where she prepares to go on a date with Kody. Ben says he feels like shaking her after saying she doesn’t want hearts broken over dating Kody. That’s because she has a choice not to, and she’s not exercising that choice.

He suggests that all Robyn needs to do is say no, she’s not doing this. If dating a man leaves three women suffering, why would you do it when it’s within your power not to? In polygamy people don’t have choices, he said, that is what they are taught early on.

But Robyn Brown has the choice not to infiltrate this family and bring misery to the other wives. She has other relationships available to her that won’t crush a family with a trio of wives. But she does it anyway.

So, Ben seems to see Robyn saying one thing but doing the other in Sister Wives Season 1, episode 2. She could have opted out and not broken the other wives’ hearts, but she didn’t. So, he sees Robyn understanding the potential outcome but not avoiding it as he watches the episodes of this TLC series.

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