Sister Wives: Robyn Boots Followers after Making a Fortune?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown not only surprised the fans of her TLC show, but she managed to peeve them off after doing something she hasn’t done in a long time. It’s like she forgot where she came from now that she lives in the lap of luxury.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Has No Use for Fans?

Robyn Brown is the same lady who had to borrow money to fill her gas tank when making her first trip to the Brown home about 15 years ago. While Robyn courted Kody Brown, she might not have looked or acted destitute on the screen during those scenes, but she was. And she talked about it in their book.

Sister Wives | TLC

Robyn Brown later told her backstory around her first meeting with the family in a book that Sister Wives spouses penned a few years back. She didn’t have gas money to pay for a road trip that lasted a few hours to Kody Brown’s house. So, that’s a far cry from where she is at this moment in time.

Robyn owns a home valued somewhere around a million dollars today. From the looks of things, she needs very little, as she seems to have it all. But, she also seems to forget how she got where she is today. Fans see this as her having a bout of forgetfulness after reading that post of hers, which is causing quite a ruckus online.

Robyn Was Well Aware of Cameras Coming

In the first season of the show, Robyn Brown joined her future husband, Kody Brown, and his original three wives in a courting ritual. This led to a spiritual marriage. Sister Wives cameras captured the couple courting, along with her elaborate wedding.

Back then, the blushing bride was all giggles with dreams of her future in this polygamous marriage. Well, Sister Wives became a hit, and viewers tuned in through 18 seasons to watch a man with four wives navigate daily life.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

Despite Kody failing at all but one marriage, the show is still going strong with another season on the way. So, opening up the door to the cameras put her in the lifestyle she enjoys today. Robyn was very aware that her life would be an open book when marrying Kody Brown.

She wrote in their bestseller how he told her early on that the family was about to star in a reality show, so this was no surprise. That said, in real-time today, Robyn’s message to fans is far from a thank you for watching their series.

Sister Wives: Go Away – Mind Your Own Business?

Robyn Brown jumped off social media a few years back. While the other co-wives kept their fans informed, she didn’t. But recently, she surprised her followers by leaving them a little note.

Robyn wrote: “Followers: Go find purpose in your own life and stop wasting your precious time with mine.” – Really?  Fans suggest today that this Sister Wives celebrity should be careful because she just might get what she asked for.

At the very least, she’ll keep the Robyn bashing going online. And the fans get more creative with that today, check out the post below.

Robyn posted that go-away blurb in the biography section of her page. So, anyone who came looking to see what was going on with this Sister Wives star, they were greeted with this.

So, it seems now that Robyn spelled it out for her “followers” she’s got a lot of them angry. It’s not like the fans are peeping Toms. No, Robyn made her life an open book, and now she’s upset that people took her up on it?

So, it looks like this TLC reality star reaped the rewards. She wasn’t angry enough to offer that message while she collected real estate and new cars. And she’s never had a job in all that time, or at least not one that she shared with the public.

Robyn Brown seems to feel targeted, and today she requests that her followers stop getting into her life. But she also seems to forget that it was these same followers of the TLC series that awarded her the fame that ultimately brought along the riches.

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