Sister Wives Preview: Kody Tested Christine with Twisted Bedroom Schedule

Sister Wives star Kody Brown reveals this week how Christine Brown was so unhappy at one point that he concocted a test, but it didn’t play out on the TLC series. His time was always a bone of contention with all four wives. None of them felt that he spent enough of it with them. So, to fix a very distraught Christine, who he says wouldn’t stop complaining, he didn’t leave her house for almost a month. Now that seems like an update on their famous “bedroom schedule.”

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Had Four Wives & Four Bedrooms

Ever since Kody Brown and his four wives hit the screen, one of the most asked questions from the fans was about his bedroom schedule. The wives reported throughout the years how the curiosity for this schedule was evident from the fans’ questions.

Sister Wives | TLC

So, at this point in Sister Wives Season 18, Christine and Janelle Brown severed themselves from their once-shared husband. Plus, there’s one more wife, Meri Brown, who seems to be dangling by a thread.

Sister Wives fans know that Christine, Janelle, and Meri left Kody Brown in real-time. But it’s at the point in this season where Christine is gone, and Janelle just kicked Kody out. But Meri still hangs in there, wishing for something that never comes, a reboot with Kody.

Keeping Tally on Kody

With all the anger seen on the screen this season, it looks like everyone is ready to reveal the truth about Kody Brown’s bedroom schedule. But it’s not a fond memory for any of them. This includes Kody as well. The schedule marked the days Kody spent at each wife’s house. That included the nights as well.

It seems at one point that wasn’t working very well. So, he has his own theory about spending time with his wives. Kody Brown suggested that the Sister Wives ladies don’t look at what he does for them. Instead, they look at what he does for the other wives.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Meri Brown -Kody Brown- Christine Brown - Janelle Brown
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Christine talked about a time when Kody spent almost an entire month with her. Apparently, this was part of his experiment. What he got out of this was a very happy Christine Brown. She validated this, she acted thrilled to have him with her for that long of a time. The shared husband said he spent 25 days there out of a month.

But the other wives were not at all happy that he spent all that time with Christine Brown. Both Meri and Robyn Brown confess this Sunday night that they started keeping track of Kody’s schedule. They kept a tally of how many days he stayed with them. Neither of these two women was aware that the other had a scoresheet going.

Sister Wives: Truth is in the Numbers

Christine Brown wanted more time with Kody Brown, so he gave it to her. He didn’t give a timeline for this experiment of his, although, he said it was when they lived in Vegas. But what he got out of it is that after almost a month with Christine, she was happy and she stopped complaining.

While it worked for her, the other three wives were not happy, and they started to complain. Plus, it backfired in a roundabout way. Spending every night and day with her shared husband gave Christine a false sense of security. She thought he was finally making time in his famous Sister Wives schedule for her.

But she said as soon as that prolonged visit was over, he went back to spending all his time with Robyn Brown. What Meri learned from that scoreboard of hers is that she got shorted when it came to her husband spending time with her. Oddly enough Robyn Brown said the same thing, as you can see in the tweet above.

Christine said Kody wasn’t with her, and he wasn’t with Janelle. She then shared, “We all know he wasn’t with Meri”, so where else could he have been? It’s assumed by fans she pointed the proverbial finger at Robyn.

So, Kody tested a theory and it worked. But to keep it working it sounded like only one wife would remain happy. Still, with his test, he probably discovered what most people would consider the obvious answer. You can’t possibly keep four wives happy when you spread yourself that thin as a husband.

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