Sister Wives: Meri Spills Details on Split with Boyfriend

Sister Wives star Meri Brown introduced her new boyfriend just weeks ago, and now she announces it’s over after four months of the TLC celebrity dating the guy. So, what happened? Well first, as soon as he stood by Meri’s side online, the critics got their shovels out and they dug deep.

They turned Meri’s first love interest since leaving Kody Brown into a bunch of negative headlines. Then he disappeared, leaving many fans believing it was over. But it’s not until Meri offered up the official word this week that we now know for sure.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Says It’s Over

Meri Brown first introduced her new love interest, Amos Andrews, in a post. She then had him join her during her online show, Fridays with Friends. The followers became thrilled for her. She appeared ecstatic about finding this new guy.

Some critics dug deep into the past of the man she presented as her new boyfriend. Whether the reports ring true or not, it still put him in a very ugly spotlight. One of his ex-wives (reports indicate four divorces) allegedly said in an interview that he looks at Meri Brown as a payday.

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So, some fans surmised that Meri made a mistake by not thoroughly vetting Amos. Others assume that this Sister Wives celebrity found out about his alleged downfalls at the same time it showed up via critics online.

After he became targeted with mud-slinging in the headlines, Meri didn’t do her Fridays with Friends for two weeks. When she returned and Amos wasn’t there with her, Meri told her Sister Wives fans that he got scared off. But this weekend she announced it was over, and she also shared some of the reasons why.

Meri Didn’t See a Future

Meri Brown was asked by one of the Sister Wives fans last Friday night if her new love is gone. Jenn Sullivan, Meri’s best friend and co-host for this venue, got right on this question. She said she never heard the word “love” mentioned. Then Meri stepped in to say “dating” but love wasn’t anything she mentioned.

So, when Amos was on her Friday show, she behaved as if she were head over heels for this guy. She eluded that Amos was likely part of her future. But now it seems as if something dawned on her that there was no future with the guy she so proudly introduced just weeks before.

It wasn’t until Sunday when Meri Brown posted her explanation to the Sister Wives fans as to why she parted ways with Amos.  They both wanted different things for their future. But first, she offered up how she became faced with some “hard truths.”  Along with that, she had some “difficult conversations.”

Meri wrote, “It’s a strange and sad thing to care about someone so deeply, to look beyond their past.”  But while seeing the “kindness in their eyes and giving heart,” she suggests that even then you “still know that a lifelong relationship isn’t in the cards for you”.

Sister Wives Celebrity Turned a Blind Eye?

What was Meri Brown trying to say? Sister Wives fans think she suggests that she knew this wasn’t going to work all along, yet she saw only the good things that kept her interested. She also said that when “we have” different “values” and “communication styles,” along with other differences, then you have to make hard decisions.

She added that they had different “dreams” and “aspirations,” as well. So after taking stock of this, Meri said, that when things “weren’t aligning” then it was time for those hard decisions.

So, some Sister Wives fans read this to say that Meri Brown cared for the guy. But there was too much that she couldn’t overlook. The “different values” seemed especially telling for the Sister Wives fans. Reports alleged that Amos refused to pay child support to one of his ex-wives. If that is the case, this would likely fall under that category for Meri Brown.

Anyway, Meri Brown is up for trying the dating experience again. She’s not down for the count yet regarding this TLC celebrity finding love again.

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