Sister Wives: Logan Stuck Filling Kody’s Family Duties

Sister Wives star Logan Brown, the oldest child of Kody Brown, hit the radar recently for a relative, who witnessed how he fell into a polygamy pothole on the TLC series. Polygamy within the Kody Brown brood looks different in some ways from other polygamous families. But not in all ways, according to a new voice from the Brown family.

Sister Wives: New Take on Kody Brown?

Kody Brown’s motto is to multiply love rather than divide it. Plus, the intro for the Sister Wives episodes offers a nice little grouping of spouses with cheery music in the background.

But just because Kody says it and looks the part, doesn’t mean it is this way across the board. And that is what Kody’s nephew, Ben Brown, stirs up today with the Sister Wives fans. They are mesmerized by his take on Kody Brown.

Sister Wives | TLC

The newest voice to emerge from the Brown family is Ben Brown. He’s the son of Kody’s brother and he recently honed in on similarities between his father and his uncle while watching the TLC series for the first time. And he’also offers fans a lot of insight into Kody’s family. After watching one of the earlier episodes, Logan Brown, in the photo above with his father, is on Ben’s mind.

Logan Brown Falls into All Too Familiar Polygamy Side Effect?

It looks like Ben slides in on his uncle’s coattails. He is now watching Sister Wives for the first time, and offering commentary on what he sees.

Fans of Kody’s reality show find him interesting as he compares some of what he’s experienced in his polygamy upbringing to what he sees in his uncle’s family. But Ben is open about the awful events of his childhood, and many were caused by polygamy. While Kody is not like his father in a lot of ways, he does share some similarities.

Logan is also another member of the Sister Wives family, which Ben highlights after viewing the series. He sees his cousin as someone who fell into the polygamous pothole when it comes to family interactions.

Sister Wives: Kody’s Math All Wrong?

Kody’s nephew takes issue with multiplying love, which is part of his uncle’s motto. But when a polygamous father has so many children, there’s no time for that math equation to work. Logan’s cousin gave him a thumbs-up after he watched him in one of the first episodes.

This nephew explains that much like his father, Kody can’t multiply love among the kids because there’s no time when you have so many. He also said that something else happens to the older kids in a polygamous family. And he watched a Sister Wives episode where he saw this happening to Logan.

Kody Shorts Logan, Like Ben’s Father Did to Him?

Logan is the son of Janelle Brown, and she was a career woman most of her life. So, without Kody Brown around to help, it fell to the oldest child, Logan.

There was Logan on the screen, in his early teens, making breakfast and getting his younger siblings dressed and sending them off to school. This is the norm for polygamous families, according to this nephew. He said the older kids become the other parent because the father doesn’t have the time.

Ben refers to his uncle and Logan Brown. He surmises that Kody is much like his own dad. As a kid, Ben’s father was oblivious to his likes and dislikes. He believes if you asked his father today what his favorite childhood toy was, his father wouldn’t know. So, he suggests that it is likely that his uncle knows little about what Logan Brown favored as a kid.

So, there you have it, the pitfalls of polygamy that this nephew suggests seeped into Kody Brown’s family. He also suggests this caused Logan Brown to step up and take his father’s place, much like he witnessed on the TLC series.

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