Sister Wives: Kody & Robyn Hit Pay Dirt Going into New Season?

Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Robyn Brown are as quiet as a couple of church mice today, as the new Season 19 is in the works for their TLC series. This couple became notorious with the show’s fans for their behavior on reality TV. Now with another season on the way, they find themselves with something else, which is often hard to come by.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown & Robyn Brown Couldn’t Expect Much Different?

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown continue to get an ample amount of slamming by fans of the show. They likely don’t expect anything different after what they’ve said and done in front of the Sister Wives cameras.

These two are the only couple left from the family who had cameras in tow for 10-plus years. Then, as the series seemed to loosen up on the editing over the last couple of seasons, much more about Kody, as well as Robyn, was exposed.

So, after more than a decade of Sister Wives episodes, the show started to air scenes fans weren’t privy to before. One of the changes in the last few seasons came from what the other wives had to say about Robyn. Sister Wives showed Janelle Brown and Christine Brown let loose on their thoughts on air about Kody’s youngest wife.

Sister Wives | TLC

All three of the ex-Sister Wives brides also had their say about Kody Brown as well. This gave the fans of the show validation for what they’ve suggested all along.

Since his fourth wife first walked through the door, viewers tagged her as his favorite wife. Then during the last season, Kody confessed that he wasn’t in love with any of his wives, all except Robyn, that is.

All this negativity played out on the screen. Then it opened the floodgates for some Kody and Robyn bashing. But while many of the comments seemed awful, it had a plus side to it as well.

Was This Meant to Work for Kody and Robyn?

Theories run rampant regarding Kody’s blowups on camera. Also, fans found it hard to believe Sister Wives would let some of those awful things Kody said about his wives hit the screen.

But fans’ comments turned him into an online ogre. Still, it kept him alive, no matter how awful, in the minds of the Sister Wives viewers. Then what Janelle and Christine had to share about Robyn and her effect on the family, well she joined Kody to make a couple who the fans found easy to condemn.

Robyn Brown crinkled her face and looked as if she was crying over the agony of being targeted by the fans. Since her arrival on the Sister Wives screen, Robyn seemed to cry at the drop of a hat.

She became famous among the fans for crying without tears forming. She cried from the beginning of the series, but it seems as if it was almost non-stop in the last season.

So, all these behaviors held the interest of the fan base. Viewers of the show still share their thoughts on Robyn and Kody across social media. Now that they’re in between seasons, there’s probably no need for advertising. That’s because it looks like they get plenty of it online already.

Sister Wives: Keeping Them Alive, But Not So Well…

They say any publicity is good publicity, and that just might be the case for Robyn Brown and Kody. There’s no need for promos to remind Sister Wives fans that they’re coming back. The viewers continue to comment and debate online, keeping Kody Brown and the women he married in the headlines.

Sister Wives fans keep this now-defunct polygamous marriage alive on social media. Lately, photoshopped photos of Kody and Robyn Brown swirl the online world. One fan cut and pasted a photo of them so they would resemble the American Gothic couple.

That’s the famous painting of the older man and woman standing with a pitchfork. From making them into cheerleaders to a couple who sport big bellies, Kody and Robyn Brown’s faces are used for many jokes.

 Slammed Via Jokes

This week, hundreds of suggestions showed up when a Sister Wives fan asked for ideas. They wanted to know what you would title Kody’s memoir.

Well, the floodgates opened with hundreds of funny offerings posted. “The Day My Skittles Dried Up, and My Beer Went Flat – Ode to Polygamy” was just one of the many suggestions. Many titles referred to Kody’s “stab in the kidney” scene. Quite a few also mentioned his hair in the title.

So, Kody and Robyn Brown opened themselves up for all this bashing online with their behavior. But it has a huge silver lining. During the hiatus between seasons, fans keep them in the headlines. That said, this couple endures this negativity, which likely equals out to pay dirt. The fans’ comments work like free social media advertising, and it’s likely worth its weight in gold for the TLC series Sister Wives.

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