Sister Wives: Kody Offers New Story – Fans Smell Ploy to Renew Show

Sister Wives star Kody Brown offered up some interesting stuff in a new interview as his reputation circles the drain for many of the fans watching the new season of the TLC series. Fans aren’t buying what Kody is selling today. But some say if you didn’t know better, you might think that he almost sounds sincere.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Answers His Own Questions

Everything fell apart for Kody Brown and Season 18 does a nice job of highlighting this for the viewers. In Kody’s latest interview, he says what happened seems like a “blur”  to him.

Kody claims, “I don’t know what happened.” Then the Sister Wives patriarch continues by saying, “All that’s left now is moving forward.” And… here it comes.

Sister Wives | CBS

He also stresses that his next step is “hopefully healing these relationships.”  These relationships he refers to are with his adult children as well as his ex-wives.

But Sister Wives fans get suspicious after he spouts out another line in his spiel. While he sounds like a man looking for redemption, fans were left scratching their heads with what he said next.

Kody is Quite the Salesman?

So, Kody Brown wants to heal the relationships. But next, he said, “It is really a story now, moving forward. This is a story about forgiveness. Forgiveness and finding hope and joy after relationships have been severed from the way that’s the norm.”

Now, to the suspicious Sister Wives fans, that sounds like Kody’s attempting to share a preview of next season. But then, some suggest it’s possible that Kody throws this out there because Sister Wives fans think the series ran the gamut. It sounds as if he’s saying, now the real story starts, which feels like bait to some fans.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives | CBS

Is he trying to spike interest for another season? It sounds to some fans as if he’s saying, come and watch me now as I fix it. But instead, many fans want to see a spinoff of “Life After Sister Wives.”

Fans have also made it pretty clear that they don’t want Kody or Robyn Brown on the TLC show any longer. So, either something drastically changed for Kody Brown, and he seeks to heal his relationships with his family or, it’s bait to keep fans interested.

Sister Wives: Kody Not Sure What Happened

When Kody started off explaining how things got out of hand, he suggested it had to do with him not being able to control the older kids. They no longer abide by his rules, he implied.

When the kids were young and under his roof, there was no problem. But that is the case with most families. You do your best as a parent and send them out as adults hoping they apply what you’ve taught them to their lives now that they’re all grown up.

But that’s not the way some of the adult kids see the problem. Sure, the COVID rules played into some of the arguments, but for a few of Kody Brown’s adult kids, there’s more to it than just that.

Gwendlyn Brown was very sad a while back as she watched her father greet Robyn Brown’s kids. She watched a Sister Wives episode that had her father interacting with Robyn’s kids as they came home from school. She didn’t have that type of interaction with her father, she said. So as tears built up in her eyes she shared, “I know that I should be happy for them, but seeing him be an active father with these kids really hurts.”

These are some of the scars that Kody Brown will likely face if he is serious about mending relationships. But for many fans, when Kody said the “story” is about forgiveness, they can’t help questioning if this is just a story. One that he plans to script along these lines of fixing the family.

But many wonder today if this is nothing more than an effort to keep his TLC series in the prime-time line-up.

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