Sister Wives: Kody Captured in Grief Therapy Photo?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown remained quiet in the aftermath of his son’s death, but the famous husband from the TLC series was captured in a photo just as he was breaking into a sprint. The debate is on, with some fans slamming the once-husband of four because of where he was. Still, others think he may need to be where he is to give himself some grief therapy.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Went Quiet

Kody Brown and his family navigate life today after a horrendous tragedy, the loss of one of their children. Garrison Brown took his own life three weeks ago, so the wounds are still raw for the family members.

Some of the Sister Wives family members took to social media in the days and weeks following. They expressed their feelings from their loss of a much-loved son, brother, uncle, and friend.

Sister Wives | CBS

Janelle Brown, who was Garrison’s mom, posted a few messages following her son’s death. But today she remains quiet, most likely grieving with her large family around her. Meri Brown and Christine Brown also posted messages.

Both ex-wives struggled to get back into normal daily living. The same goes for many of the adult Sister Wives kids, with a couple trying to make sense of what just happened. But Kody Brown remained out of the public eye. That is, until recently.

Kody Sprints Through the Casino

One astute Sister Wives fan happened to look up and see Kody Brown sprint by. The photo they captured, seen below, only caught the back side of him. But the person who took the picture said he moved at a quick pace through a Vegas casino. Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives | Reddit

So, Sister Wives fans immediately started an online debate, as the comments were at 520 and growing by Thursday morning. Many thought Kody shouldn’t be at a casino while his family grieves.

But many others suggest everyone grieves in their own way. Since he seems to be there alone, he might have needed to find some distraction from his despair, suggested other commenters.

The person who posted the photo said Kody was “running” through the shops at the casino. But that’s as far as it went.

Sister Wives: Running Through the Shops

A while back, one of the Sister Wives’ adult daughters said that her father and Robyn Brown spent way beyond their means. So, some fans thought that Kody was out doing something he seemed to love to do… shopping.

But many more Sister Wives fans seemed willing to cut Kody a break from the slamming that usually follows a post about him. They look at Kody as a father who just lost a son.

No matter what reason he had for being there, fans were empathetic to his situation today. Many suggested it was his way of getting some grief therapy, no matter what it looked like, it seemed many fans were willing to stop their usual Kody bashing.

So, the person who posted the photo said it was Kody Brown. But because you can’t see his face, some may question if it is him, despite it looking very much like Kody Brown from behind.

Still, something good came out of this post for the Sister Wives patriarch. It demonstrates how many folks empathize with this TLC series star during his time of great despair.

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