Sister Wives: Kody Brown Forgot to do the Math?

Sister Wives fans want to know if Kody Brown forgot to put his thinking cap on when he made his moves during this new season of this TLC series. He once said that not having money scares him. So, it looks like he may be in for a fright after one family member shared a problem he faced a while back.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Went Backwards

To say that Kody Brown likes the better things in life might be an understatement. This is a father of 18 kids. Yet he never gave up driving a two-seater sports car.

When fans first got a gander at the Sister Wives husband of four tooting around in that car in one of the first seasons, they let loose on social media. Of course, they also had larger vehicles, all the latest models, for the four wives to drive.

Sister Wives | TLC

Plus their homes, starting with the four Kody built in Vegas, were never run-of-the-mill. All the Sister Wives brides lived in lavish homes.

Now with the delay in building on Coyote Pass, he purchased another lavish home, and he occupies this with Robyn Brown. Christine Brown already left, so her money is likely her own.

But right now in Season 18, Meri Brown‘s rental is top-end, but Janelle Brown went thrifty with her rented digs. At this point, these two still talk as though they remain involved in pooling their earnings for the family.

Money Flows… Then Trickles

Kody Brown got rid of three wives in real-time. He has only Robyn Brown left. But there’s a problem with that as far as fans are concerned.

The three wives who jumped ship all were massive resources for the Sister Wives family’s finances. As learned in Season 18 so far, Janelle Brown is still part of that cookie jar strategy. That’s where their earnings are combined.

She talked about how all her money remained tied up with the family and Coyote Pass. Then there’s Meri Brown, who along with Janelle reportedly put in the money from the sale of their Vegas houses to purchase that Flagstaff high-priced house for Robyn Brown.

Christine Brown was open about what she wanted when she left. She handed over her share in Coyote Pass in exchange for the profits on the sale of the house she purchased with Kody in Flagstaff. So, she severed her financial ties a while back.

But it still sounds as if both Meri and Janelle are contributing to the Sister Wives cookie jar on Season 18. Fans watch the demise of their two marriages this season. But today, fans of the show know that Kody has only one wife left. And viewers are amazed that he kept a wife who doesn’t work.

This comes after one of Kody’s adult daughters, Gwendlyn Brown spilled the beans a while back. She said her father and Robyn spend way beyond their means. So, fans surmise that money is likely a problem for Kody Brown and his youngest wife today. If not now, they assume it’s just a matter of time.

Sister Wives: What Was Kody Thinking?

As far as the viewers of this series know, Robyn Brown never held a job. She seems to have the best of everything from her home to her car. But the main question coming from the die-hard Sister Wives fans is how Kody Brown can afford his lavish lifestyle now.

Some think he didn’t do the math because if he had, he might have tried harder to keep those failed marriages alive. The three women who brought in a lot of money are gone today.

So, that leaves Kody Brown sitting with Robyn Brown, who doesn’t have a job. And as far as the Sister Wives fans know, she never has since joining the family.

Kody Left With Less Than Half?

Kody’s youngest wife once started the online shop called, My Sister Wife’s Closet. But it closed down years ago with a message saying they will be back soon. Well, they haven’t come back.

That seems to be the only money-making project she embarked on, outside of getting paid for her appearance on the show. According to reports, each Sister Wives adult pulls a separate salary for the show.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Meri Brown -Kody Brown- Christine Brown - Janelle Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

So it’s no longer five salaries going into the family pooled money, as it was when all five were together. Now it looks like it’s cut down more than half, with only Kody and Robyn’s paychecks left to support their lifestyle.

Plus all three of the original Sister Wives brides were smart enough to build individual fortunes with their side gigs that flourished. It’s likely that came in handy as well at one time for the shared family expenses.

But with all three ladies now on their own, it looks like a lot of money that Kody once had access to, went with them. Fans imagine that Kody is very nervous about the fate of the Sister Wives series.

That’s because this is likely their major, and maybe only source of income for Kody Brown and his youngest wife from the TLC series.

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