Sister Wives: Kody Demands Producer Bury Scene (VIDEO)

Sister Wives star Kody Brown strutted his tough guy stuff on camera, but now demands that the producer bury this scene on the TLC series’ newest preview clip. To say Kody looks angry is probably an understatement.

He uses vulgar words when throwing a tablet that the producer hands him. So, as his ringlets bounce in anger, fans scream “Fire him” across social media. After all, this temper tantrum is aimed at the folks who sign his paycheck.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Offers Fluffy Reality

Kody Brown started his journey on this series with pride. He boasted he was about to show the world the reality of his polygamous lifestyle. This was supposed to be a good thing, as he was about to multiply love.

So, despite some problems, the Sister Wives family looked pretty good for several seasons. But then it started to circle the drain. Next, it just picked up speed as his three original wives jumped ship.

Sister Wives |TLC

Gone are the days of Kody Brown running around town carefree in his convertible. The Sister Wives patriarch’s golden locks no longer sway in the wind as he drives from house to house so he can spend time with each wife.

That fluffy reality no longer works for the Sister Wives fans after Kody Brown demonstrated some horrendous treatment towards his wives.

Kody Bites the Hand that Feeds Him

Sister Wives One-on-One didn’t wrap up the season. No, Kody Brown and his wives sat down for the Talk Back segments, which soon is followed by a Look Back episode. Then, Christine Brown‘s wedding gets its own special episode, wrapping up Season 18.

So, the video below offers a preview of Sunday’s Sister Wives Look Back episode. And the fans who watched this clip suggest that Kody just bit the hand that feeds him. He’s furious over the scene he sees on the tablet that the producer hands him.

The scene depicts the awful fight he had with Janelle Brown. Kody refuses to watch it or even discuss it. His excuse is that it’s too painful. Fans quickly pull that excuse apart.

They believe it’s more about how embarrassed he must be by the behaviors he demonstrated in that scene. But it didn’t stop him from throwing Janelle under the bus again.

Sister Wives: Struggles with Janelle Brown

The pain of watching his breakup with Janelle Brown is too much for Kody to take, or at least this is what he reports on screen. Again, fans think he blew up about watching it because he treated her so badly in that scene.

Kody says something surprising next. He claims the split with Janelle is as painful as it was with Christine Brown. But he believes that he and Janelle could still be good together.

It sounds as if he leaves the door open for his second wife to return. Although, he couldn’t leave it at that. Kody then goes into his spiel about how Janelle wasn’t a loyal wife. So, there you have it, the Sister Wives patriarch gives a little and then whips it away.

Fans are used to Kody blowing up at his wives and even kids by now. But barking at the producer probably wasn’t his smartest move, suggest the fans.

With viewers calling for spinoffs that don’t include Kody Brown, blowing up at the producer seemed like a dangerous thing to do… especially since these are the folks who pay his salary. While fans don’t see this as a smart move, they certainly aren’t surprised by anything Kody Brown does these days on this TLC series.

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