Sister Wives: Kody Bonds with David in Bizarre Tale

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has David Woolley in a new, strange train of thought that suggests he sees something different for the future, both on and off his TLC series. Plus, he recently blurted out something that gave one big clue into his mindset about Christine Brown.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Just Won’t Give Up

Kody Brown can’t hide his infatuation with his ex-wife’s new husband as far as fans are concerned. He gave himself away during this week’s Sister Wives One-on-One.

Kody said a few things to Sukanya Krishnan that raised red flags about he just can’t let go of the fact he’s lost, Christine Brown.

While he plays off that it’s good riddance for him, his words say something quite the opposite. Plus, viewers see his ideas about David Woolley as somewhat skewed.

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At one point, the man with ringlets said to Sukanya, “If” Christine loves David when trying to prove a point. For Sister Wives fans, this seems to suggest he still can’t believe that she can love someone other than him.

But Sukanya reassures Kody a few times that David Woolley is the real deal for his ex-wife. Still, that didn’t stop him from trying again to insert himself into his ex-wife’s life.

David Woolley’s Behavior Redefined in Story…

Kody Brown keeps finding ways to include himself in Christine’s life. So, next, he’s making bizarre assumptions about her future husband. It sounds like he thinks he and David might become friends one day.

Well, that assumption was at least a friendly version of what he sees for the future between him and Christine. But it didn’t last but a few seconds.

He made this suggestion to Sukanya who eventually set him straight. The Sister Wives patriarch imagines that they all, (Kody, David, Robyn, and Christine), become friends one day.

Then at an imaginary gathering David, who is now Christine’s husband, approaches the father of 18. He sees this as a husband-bonding experience on David’s part.

Sister Wives: Kody Concocts Fairy Tale for David

The Sister Wives patriarch and his ex’s new husband are together at some family gathering, according to the imagination of Kody Brown. He then suggests to Sukanya Krishnan that “David might be pulling me aside and go… Dude, this is nuts.”

He then says he’ll start complaining about his wife (Christine). Then Kody says he’ll respond to David by saying, “Dude, be loyal to your wife. Don’t talk to me about it.”

Kody explains his imaginary conversation with David off his observations on how “guys normally like to complain about their wives to each other.” But Sukanya puts the man with this bizarre dreamt-up tale in his place.

She chuckles and tells Kody that she doesn’t think David Woolley is going to be pulling him over or have that conversation that’s popped out of his imagination.

Kody tossed the word “Machiavellian” around when describing his ex-wife during Sister Wives One-on-One camera time. Machiavellian describes someone who is “sneaky, cunning, and lacking a moral code.”

It sounds as if he thinks David will see her that way after they’ve been married for a while. So, it appears the Sister Wives husband plans to bond with David Woolley sometime in the future over the faults Kody sees in his ex-wife.

But the ex-husband already conjured up his comeback to David Woolley – “Don’t talk to me about it.” Fans see this as nothing more than David Woolley living rent-free in Kody Brown’s head.

He just can’t shake off the thought that he’s been replaced. Now with David Woolley on the show, and fans loving him, it looks like he’s sharing his spotlight with him on the TLC series. And… we all know how Kody Brown likes the spotlight.

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