Sister Wives: Janelle Creeped Out – Someone Spying On Her?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown usually sounds like the voice of reason among the five adults who once made up the famous polygamous marriage featured on TLC. She’s also not someone to go off half-cocked about a conspiracy theory. So, when this ex-wife of Kody Brown shared an unsettling incident, people took notice.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown’s Generic Conversation Overheard?

Janelle Brown shared a recent video about an event that was just too coincidental for her liking. This recently happened to her and her daughter Maddie Brown Brush.

This Sister Wives mother-daughter duo had a conversation while just sitting around the house. They weren’t on the phone, but Janelle’s phone was nearby. What they talked about was rather generic.

Sister Wives | TLC

Their chat included Maddie mentioning she needed to purchase back-to-school clothes for her kids. But at one point, this popular Sister Wives daughter said something very specific while chatting with Janelle.

Due to the dress code at the school, she finds she can get what she needs at one particular store. She told her mom that she usually buys the kids’ clothes from Lands End.

So, they finished their conversation and didn’t give it much thought going forward. That is until something strange happened to Janelle Brown.

Janelle Finds This Too Coincidental

The Sister Wives mom of six is not one to buy into the conspiracy theories. She describes herself as a skeptic when it comes to stuff like this. But now, after what happened, she’s not too sure anymore.

Your cell phone is of course a listening device. But the only folks who should be listening are you and the person on the other end of the call. But that didn’t seem to be the case for this Sister Wives celebrity’s phone recently.

She wasn’t using the phone, but it looks as if it picked up what Janelle and Maddie were talking about. Not long after that conversation between mother and daughter, a Lands End coupon for 10 percent off came through on Janelle’s phone.

Sister Wives: ‘They Are Listening’

Janelle Brown suggests that “they are listening” and fans hopped right on her post with their comments. Other folks have experienced the same thing. Since the dawn of the cell phone theories of big brother listening surfaced.

So, this coupon popped up just after Janelle and her daughter mentioned shopping at this specific store. It sounds like Janelle Brown is a bit creeped out about “they are listening” to her. Although, one Sister Wives fan wanted to know “who are they” that you think is listening.

Maddie was in the background of Janelle’s video, and she asked her mother to send the coupon over to her phone. If this is the case then people everywhere will strike up a conversation mentioning the name of the store they’re headed to. Then they can cross their fingers that “they” heard them, then they can start watching for a coupon.

So, it looks like Janelle Brown and her daughter debated whether this was a coincidence or not. It seems they think it goes beyond that. Janelle didn’t mention what her plans are with her phone when she’s not using it. But maybe she’ll find a spot for it out of earshot of what’s going on at her house.

Janelle Brown and the rest of the Sister Wives bunch return with Season 18 next Sunday, August 20, at 10 pm on TLC.

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