‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Reveals Awful Side Effect of TLC Cameras

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown proved herself once again as the voice of reason while the TLC cameras display her family falling to ruins. The second wife of Kody Brown revealed a real problem that helped this family disintegrate, and it’s one that Kody Brown never saw coming.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Raked Through the Coals

Many viewers think Janelle Brown sat too long as Kody Brown berated her on Sunday night’s show. But she got plenty of fan applause for not backing down as the Sister Wives patriarch hammered at her.

It is amazing, and disturbing at the same time, to some fans when they see these people let the Sister Wives cameras infiltrate their homes. Some of them, like Janelle Brown, for instance, are very intelligent people.

Sister Wives| TLC

She even declared this on Sunday’s episode. “I am a smart woman,” Janelle told the Sister Wives cameras.

So, it was no surprise when Janelle Brown saw another side to this cloud of darkness that fell over this family. She seems to share the blame with all five spouses using this rational explanation. But Kody Brown continues to point the finger at everyone else today besides himself.

Why Would Intelligent People Allow This?

Kody Brown supposedly started this series to show the joys within a plural family. He wanted people to look at them as normal folks. The only difference between his family and traditional marriages is that the Sister Wives consists of four wives instead of one. Or so that was his theory back then.

Instead of Kody proving this point, he proved the opposite. After a decade of Sister Wives cameras capturing some of their most private moments, something else surfaced. Kody managed to show the world that polygamy festers jealousy and betrayal. It also seems to promote a kind of love that divides people.

As Christine Brown suggested, Kody betrayed three of his wives for the love of one of his wives. But that is nothing new, as fans caught that action since the day Robyn Brown entered the family. But that’s not the only reason Janelle offers up for the fall of the Sister Wives clan.

Janelle Reveals Harsh Results of Sister Wives Show

Many viewers look at Janelle as the intellectual one in this family. She is very down to Earth and says things like they are, nothing is sugarcoated. So, Sunday night she suggested a piece of this downfall we now see from her Sister Wives clan.

She was so shaken by the treatment she got from Kody Brown on that episode. So shaken, that she had the Sister Wives cameras shut down. She also shared a real piece of the problem that brought on the destruction of the Sister Wives family. It seems no one thought of this as a side effect when first embarking on this reality show.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Meri Brown -Kody Brown- Christine Brown - Janelle Brown
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Janelle said that because of the Sister Wives show, everything that is recorded is seen and heard by the rest of the family members. Then she shared something about herself and the other spouses in this family. Next, Janelle Brown looked into the camera and said, “We hear things that we don’t say to each other’s faces.”

The Cameras Showed More Than Polygamy Bliss For Janelle

This seemed to say it all. With the Sister Wives cameras catching some of the most intimate of conversations, it is no wonder that all these hurt feelings came into play. So, it looks like Janelle nailed it. The cameras were there to show all the harmony and glee. But they ended up being harmful in other ways.

The Sister Wives spouses built up hard feelings after hearing private conversations. After a time this could act like a poison seeping into all the relationships.

So, even today something new is revealed. It’s not that the fans didn’t know there was a problem. But this is the first time anyone admitted that what they say on camera often comes back to bite them. And it’s the other spouses doing the biting.

Some fans express that this has to be a hard way to live, constantly keeping yourself in check about what you say.

Especially in the privacy of your own home. But then again, they welcomed the Sister Wives cameras into their lives and have for over a decade today.

Still, leave it to Janelle Brown to realize this piece of their problem that so nicely explains a piece of the foundation for their family imploding in what seemed like slow-motion on TLC. It’s as simple as the spouses hearing things not meant for their ears.

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