Sister Wives: Christine Reveals Prenup Twist to Rattle Kody?

Sister Wives Christine Brown is about to become a bride after leaving Kody Brown far behind for good as their TLC series rolls along. Within the next six weeks, Christine Brown plans to become Mrs. David Woolley after she walks down the aisle for her first legal marriage. But it looks like she had a few contingencies for the groom-to-be before they made plans to wed.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Jabs Kody Brown?

Christine Brown’s fans are over-the-top supportive of her divorce. Then they became just as supportive of her future wedding to David Woolley. But while she basks in the happiness of her new life, she also seems to bask in something else. Some fans think she’s having a little too much fun getting enjoyment out of whipping out the zingers aimed at Kody.

Sister Wives viewers find her hysterical at times when she mocks Kody. One of the more recent incidents popped up on last Sunday’s episode of the TLC series. She heard Kody reveal the term “sacred loneliness.” He described this as something unique to plural marriages.

Sister Wives | TLC

Because Kody Brown had to share his time with his four wives, the women tended to get lonely, according to Kody. Meri Brown said she’s never heard this term before, and she thinks it is just “stupid.” Janelle Brown used the word “dumb.”

While none of his three original wives recognized that term Kody Brown tossed around, Christine got a kick out of it. She couldn’t stop laughing on the Sister Wives camera. She looked into the lens and said, “Like you’re supposed to honor the fact that you are lonely?” Then there’s Robyn Brown who defines her sacred loneliness as a time for getting closer to God.

Christine Gets Some Backlash

It’s probably safe to say many more Sister Wives viewers get a kick out of Christine’s never-ending zingers for Kody than not. But these sarcastic blurbs have gone on for a while now. So, some fans suggest to this happy ex-wife that it might be time to stop.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Meri Brown - Robyn Brown - Kody Brown - Janelle Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

Still, other fans jump all over these requests, saying Kody deserves everything his ex-wife throws at him. But despite the minor backlash, this ex-wife of the Sister Wives family keeps her routine going like a standup comedian on a roll.

Recently she revealed an unofficial verbal prenup that she gave David Woolley. These are probably more like contingencies, but whatever you want to call them, Christine made herself very clear before agreeing to marry David.

Sister Wives: Kody Gets Brunt of Sarcasm

Christine knew she had a keeper in David for a lot of reasons. Most of them were due to his opposite thinking of her ex, Kody Brown. David is a one-woman guy who professes to love and adore Christine Brown. He also seems to have a sense of humor.

That showed up a while back when he joined his future bride in a sarcastic nacho tribute. Sister Wives fans caught on right away when these two ate nachos, and he declared how much he loved eating these treats with the lady he often refers to as his “queen.”

It sounded like this was a jab at Kody’s awful story from years ago. Back when the family was just starting to form, long before Sister Wives existed. Kody Brown said that he watched Christine eat nachos from a rearview mirror during a road trip while they courted. He said watching this “chubby” girl devour the cheese nachos turned him off.

It disgusted him enough that it was almost a dealbreaker when it came to pursuing her anymore. But David sounds so different when you hear Christine share little blurbs about him.

Janelle Brown Twisted into Prenup

Christine recently revealed that she laid it all on the table for David Woolley before agreeing to marry him. She made sure that her future groom knew what he was getting when marrying her. She is far from coming to this marriage alone. Not only that, but she told him if they married, he’d be getting much more than just Christine.

This package deal includes her children, Janelle Brown, and Janelle’s kids as well. In a recent interview, Christine told David what he’s in for. She said, “And everywhere I go, Janelle has to come with me, and all of her children come too. There’s not just me. And he was like, ‘OK.’”

Sister Wives viewers were thrilled to hear that David was agreeable to this, as Janelle Brown is a fan favorite. Just like the bride-to-be, these two ladies are much-loved by those who follow them online. But some fans also saw her mentioning Janelle’s place in her marriage as a dig at Kody Brown. He complained on the Season of Sister Wives about Janelle and how she’d rather spend time with his ex than with him.

Now his ex’s future husband opens his arms to Janelle’s friendship as well. So, fans suggest if her once-shared husband has any jealousy left in him, this ought to shake it loose. While Christine Brown likely shared this to show how accommodating her future husband is, some fans saw it as another jab at Kody Brown. Sister Wives airs another new episode of Season 18, on Sunday, September 17 at 10 pm on TLC.

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