Siddhant Chaturvedi shares how his memorable nepotism jibe became the “Icebreaker” in friendship with Ananya Panday

In a surprising turn of events, Ananya Panday and Siddhant Chaturvedi have moved from sassy exchanges to forging a genuine friendship. The journey began in 2019 when Ananya equated struggle to not being invited to Koffee With Karan. Siddhant cheekily interrupted, turning the moment into a memorable exchange.

Despite the unexpected banter, fate had other plans for the two stars. They first shared the screen in Gehraiyaan and later solidified their bond while working on the upcoming Netflix film Kho Gaye Hum Kahan. Siddhant, reflecting on the incident, views it as an “icebreaker” that paved the way for their eventual friendship.

In a recent interview with Film Companion, Ananya shared insights into their evolving relationship, stating, “Yeah, and then it went into a glacier on the first day of our friendship. With Sid, I can just call him and tell him what I feel. If I felt that something was not okay, personally and professionally, or he felt something was not fine, we have always told each other and that’s the way we have kept it. It’s a good way to be with anyone.”

For those unfamiliar with the 2019 Newcomer’s Roundtable hosted by film critic Rajeev Masand, Ananya had mentioned her father Chunky Panday’s struggle, noting that he never “worked in a Dharma film or been on Koffee With Karan.” Siddhant, seizing the moment, interrupted with a profound observation, “Everyone has their own struggle. The only difference is ‘jahan humare sapne poore hote hain, wahan inka struggle shuru hota hai (their struggle begins where our dreams are fulfilled).”

Their journey, from a witty exchange to a genuine friendship, exemplified the unpredictable dynamics of Bollywood and the potential for relationships to evolve beyond initial impressions. As Ananya and Siddhant continue to collaborate on projects, their camaraderie promises to be a delightful aspect of their respective journeys in the entertainment industry.

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