Shah Rukh Khan wins hearts at Jawan’s success press meet: “Agar aurat ki izzat ho, toh sabse zyada prem jhalakta hai”

Shah Rukh Khan is popular not just for his superstardom, memorable performances, stellar filmography and sense of humour but also for his deep respect for women. It’s not uncommon to find netizens sharing their views about ladies and how much he loves and cares for them. His co-stars too have vouched for it excitedly. At the success press meet of Jawan, Shah Rukh Khan opened up about this aspect. As expected, the audience loved it and it became one of the highlights of the event.

Shah Rukh Khan was asked about his chemistry with Nayanthara and how he manages to look so good with all his heroines. Shah Rukh flashed his million-dollar smile at this question and said, “I’ll be very honest. People who create characters – the writers, the directors, the chief assistants, some of Atlee’s boys and girls like Shilpi, Raghav, Manoj etc – all of them have a lot of respect for women. It stems obviously from Atlee sir. Priya (Atlee’s wife) is here. They have a lot of respect for women. So, when people who respect women write love scenes, I think they just flower themselves. I really have to do very little. I know sab aisa bolte hai ki, ‘Shah Rukh Khan romance bahut achha karta hai’. But I have always maintained that agar aurat ki izzat ho, toh sabse zyada prem jhalakta hai. Sabse zyada khushi dikhti hai aur sabse zyada pyaar dikhta hai.”

The audience clapped loudly at this statement. Shah Rukh Khan was not done. He continued, “Nayan ji’s character says in the film that she has a nine-year-old daughter. The father of the child declines to marry her only if she goes for an abortion. She refuses. I think that empowerment, that feeling of women being so strong, that strength itself made us feel that prem kahaani khud hi ho jaati hai. How can you not love for a character like Narmada? You’d love them naturally!”

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