Jawan success press conference: “Deepika Padukone was shooting for ‘Besharam Rang’. I looked at Pooja Dadlani and asked her, ‘Yeh maa ka role karegi?’” – Shah Rukh Khan

The success meet of Jawan was a memorable affair as most of the important cast and crew members came on stage and talked about the film and a lot more. Deepika Padukone, too, was in attendance. She has been credited with a special appearance but many felt that hers was one of the crucial characters in the film.

Shah Rukh Khan joked about this aspect at the event. He said, “Deepika is feeling the most awkward here. I’ll tell you why. She feels, ‘Main toh dosti mein chota sa role karne aa gayi’. Between Atlee and I, we fooled her and shot a full-length film with her! She has not even realized. When she saw the film, she was like, ‘Woah, I am one of the main characters’!”

On a serious note, SRK then said, “Thank you Deepika from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of this film.”

Shah Rukh Khan revealed that it was writer-director Atlee who recommended Deepika. SRK said, “Since the first day, Atlee expressed the desire to have Deepika (for the role of Aishwarya). I would tell her, ‘Sir, I don’t know. She’ll be busy’. I love her too much. I will never call her for something which doesn’t become an essence for her because she started with me.”

Shah Rukh Khan opened up that Deepika came on board for Jawan while she was shooting for Pathaan, which also starred SRK. Shah Rukh raised laughs as he narrated, “Deepika was shooting for ‘Besharam Rang’! I looked at Pooja Dadlani and asked her, ‘Yeh maa ka role karegi?’ (laughs)!”
Shah Rukh then translated his statement in English for Atlee, “Hence, I am looking at Deepika do ‘Besharam Rang’ and I say ‘She’ll be very good as a mother’! Pooja said, ‘Shah, she loves you too much. She’ll of course do it. Let me ask’. Honestly speaking, Pooja went to her for just 2 seconds. Deepika told me, ‘Yeah. Whenever you say. Just tell Atlee sir that I’ll come and do it’. It was very large-hearted of her. I know we are too close to each other. But even then, sometimes work and profession comes into your head and heart. For her to have done this as an actor is gutsy. I always say, there are no small roles. There are only small actors! With Jawan, Deepika proves to everybody that she really is a large-size actor!”
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