Rhea Chakraborty thanks her father Colonel Indrajit Chakraborty and friends for their support during the media trial after Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise, watch

Rhea Chakraborty recently participated in a news channel conclave, where she broke her silence for the first time in four years, discussing her life experiences and her resilience in facing media trials. During the interview, she presented herself confidently and articulated her thoughts. She received a warm reception from her fans and audiences, as she spoke up for herself after enduring a challenging period in 2020.

Rhea recently took to her Instagram to share a snippet from the conclave where she was asked, where she got the strength to deal with everything she has been through, to which the actor responded that she had tremendous support from her family and her closest friends. She thanks her father, Col. Indrajit Chakraborty for being her pillar of strength and her friends who supported her throughout and believed she was innocent.

She speaks highly of her family, especially her father who taught her the true meaning of strength! As a proud Fauji daughter, Rhea said, “ I think my entire strength and resilience came from my family, my father being in the army… I think you know we had that army upbringing, and I remember when everything was at its peak. We won’t lie; we stand up and take the bullet on our shoulder and if you have to go you have to go, but at least you stood up, and you gave yourself a last fighting chance, so I would give it entirely to my family.”

She further added, “Despite the media being our enemy and invading our privacy, my family has remained united and strong. We have each other’s backs, and that has helped us get through the tough times. We all have our bad days, but we put on a brave front for each other. We are like a small regiment, and my father is a Colonel. I am proud to serve under him, and I would like to say, ‘Colonel Chakraborty, it has been a pleasure serving under you!'”


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On the professional front, Rhea is currently serving as a gang leader in Roadies: Karam ya Kaand.

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