My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Glenn Thore Faces Long Lost Daughter

Glenn Thore is face-to-face with his long-lost daughter, Angie, on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. He, Whitney Thore, and Hunter Thore meet their new family members. But will they be able to connect with everyone?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Glenn Thore Drives to Meet Long Lost Daugther

Glenn Thore knew he had fathered a child out of wedlock before he met Babs Thore. However, he didn’t know anything about the adoption or the whereabouts of his long-lost daughter, Angie. Yet, a DNA test changed everything. He was united with his firstborn and will be meeting her and her family in person.

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life reality star hops in the car with his two kids, Whitney Thore and Hunter Thore, and drives to Alabama to meet his long-lost family. He is now a father of three, a grandfather, and a great-grandfather. So, he went from losing his wife, Babs, to gaining new family members.

Whitney and Hunter couldn’t believe that Glenn never told them that they had a half-sister. However, they were happy to be growing their family. They also felt that they were off the hook when it came to having children of their own.

Glenn Sees Angie in Person for the First Time

Glenn and his two kids, Whitney and Hunter, arrive in Alabama. Angie welcomes them with open arms. She goes straight to her father and gives him a big hug. She finds it crazy to be looking at him. And she notices that he is wearing a shirt that says, “Daddy, granddaddy, great granddaddy. Just keeps getting better.” She loves the shirt.

Glenn Thore & Angie | TLC

Angie then turns to her half-siblings and gives them a hug. Whitney can’t believe how much she looks like them. However, she can’t help but point out the similarity between her and Glenn. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life cast member feel that they are “twins.” She tells them to stand next to each other so she can get a picture of them together.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Glenn Thore
My Big Fat Fabulous Life | TLC

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Celeb Meets New Family Members

Angie feels that she sees herself in Glenn Thore. She admits to not being a “big crier.” So, the tears that are coming down on her face are tears of joy. She never thought this moment would ever happen. However, she is “so glad” that it did.

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life castmates get to meet the rest of the family. They meet Angie’s husband, Shanon. Her two sons, Cody and Ryne. They even get to meet the youngest member of the family, Maddie. However, Angie tells them that Maddie is a little shy. But, she will warm up to them.

Glenn feels that Angie has been “very warm.” He finds it wonderful being able to meet her and her family. The TLC star feels “a lot of good vibes” and love. He thinks that the first meeting is off to a “wonderful start.” However, will they be able to get along with all their new family members?

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