My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Glenn Fed up with Whitney Thore?

Glenn Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life seems fed up with his daughter, Whitney Thore‘s behavior. He feels she treats him like a child. However, he wants her to know he is the parent. Will their dynamics ruin the family vacation?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Glenn & Whitney Thore Argue over Eye Problem

Glenn Thore has been adjusting to his new life without his wife, Babs Thore, by his side. However, it hasn’t been an easy adjustment. And having his daughter, Whitney Thore, constantly on his case doesn’t help.

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life reality star broke his glasses. So, his daughter tells him that he has to get a new pair. She even takes him to the eye doctor and picks out the frames she wants him to get.

While at the eye doctor’s, Whitney and Glenn get into an argument. She tells the doctor that she knows her father’s eye issues. He gets upset and wonders if she knows what she’s talking about. The TLC star thinks that she “knows it all.” He doesn’t know if she is saying the right eye problem he was diagnosed with.

Glenn Thore Calls Whitney Controlling

Glenn explains that Whitney tends to make demands of him like he is a child. But he is the parent. He feels that she is controlling. So, he is praying that she is respectful on his bucket list trip to Switzerland.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life | TLC

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life cast member feels that it’s not easy being the family “CEO.” She also tells her dad that he can’t act like he doesn’t need her. However, he feels that she self-appointed herself in that role. Will her controlling behavior ruin the family vacation?

Glenn arrives in Zurich, Switzerland, with Whitney and the rest of his family. However, she starts to get on his nerves. She tells him to give her his luggage and hands him his ticket for the train. She then tells her dad, “Please stop snatching stuff out of me.”

The TLC celeb tells his daughter not to look at him like that. She asks him, “Like what?” He tells her “that hateful look” he gave her. She tries to tell him that it’s not hateful. But he tells her to stop talking and walks away.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Glenn Thore - Whitney Thore
Whitney Thore & Glenn Thore | TLC

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Celeb Hits Breaking Point?

Whitney Thore explains that it’s rare that Glenn Thore gets mad. So, it affects her when he is. She is sad because she would never look at her dad with hate in her eyes. So, it breaks her heart that he is upset with her.

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life castmate knows that when her dad is mad, there is no talking to him. But Whitney wishes she could because planning his bucket list trip doesn’t mean anything if he’s not happy. Will she be able to back off — or will Glenn hit his breaking point?

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