Married At First Sight: Emily Balch Breaks Down in The Bathroom – Recap [S17E19]

On Married At First Sight, Emily Balch breaks down in the bathroom of a restaurant after Brennan Shoykhet tells her she’s negative and it’s a deal breaker for him. Becca Haley realizes she’s not a priority for Austin. Clare Kerr reveals upsetting info for Emily. And a field trip for Michael Shiakallis and Chloe Brown is anything but vanilla. Let’s dive in to the drama of Season 17, Episode 19 Sex, Lies And Questionable Behavior.

Married At First Sight: Emily Balch Bawls in The Bathroom

On Married At First Sight, Emily Balch is still basking in Brennan Shoykhet’s good side after her harrowing ATV accident. She considers his handling of household chores and grabbing food a change of heart towards their marriage. Since before the accident he put her squarely in a friend zone. And requested separate bedrooms at the retreat. The pair hit up a stodgy steak house and Emily Balch is impressed with the selection of wines.

Emily Balch praises Brennan for his actions since the accident. But he is quick to bring up the fact that he feels that there was a disconnect between them. And that they have different ideas of what the relationship is. Brennan gets defensive when Emily admits most women wouldn’t have stayed. She admits she did try to convince him to stay. He pretty much blames her for causing the accident by making him stay in the marriage. That’s incredibly low even for Brennan.

On Married At First Sight, Emily Balch wants to hash this out. Brennan asks for silence so he can eat his steak. But Emily pushes for honesty. And calls him out for his zero efforts in the marriage. He suggests she’s a negative person. And this was a red flag for him. And that the romantic chemistry wasn’t there. Emily Balch cannot believe he thinks she’s negative. Since she’s a pretty sunny person. Brennan Shoykhet smirks while Emily ends up bawling on the floor of the restaurant bathroom.

Married At First Sight: Austin Leaves the Apartment

As decision day looms on Married At First Sight, Becca Haley and Austin are continuing their downward spiral. Even after an emergency intervention from the “experts”. The pair hit up a pottery studio in good spirits. But things get messy quickly. Becca questions whether Austin even likes her “that way”. He says he does but he thinks she wants him to be a pushover since her exes were. She’s cold and wants to borrow his heavier jacket but he suggests she will get it dirty with the clay on her hands.

Becca takes this as hurtful. Claiming she would have given him anything he needed and not worried about it getting dirty. Later in a roundtable with all the other girls, Becca admits she notices that Austin doesn’t really see her. And doesn’t have romantic feelings for her. She also argued with him about how he cares more about the optics of how she’s making him look on camera than her feelings. Because she called him combative and dismissive. Later Austin confides to a friend that it’s not going well. And chooses to move out.

Clare Kerr Tells Emily a Hard Truth

On Married At First Sight Clare Kerr goes to Emily Balch’s apartment to support her after the dinner from hell. Emily admits that Brennan returned to his own home after the argument in the steak house. Clare admits she has some information that Emily should be aware of. It seems Brennan wanted to go on a double date with Clare’s MAFS ex Cameron Frazer. And that Brennan’s been dating. Emily is furious and confronts Brennan by phone the next day.

Of course he denies it and says they were just “joking around”. But Emily isn’t having any of it. He comes over to get the rest of his things and asks if she wants to talk. She says no that she has nothing more to say to him. They do hug when he leaves. Emily is pretty angry and scenes from the next episode look like things get explosive on decision day.

Married At First Sight: Michael and Chloe Get Spicy

While everyone else is drowning in drama in this Denver season of doom, Michael Shiakallis and Chloe Brown are surprisingly afloat. During a visit with sexpert Dr. Pia Holec, the pair admit they’re going strong. And are being very real with each other. They also admit to doing some “exploring”. And viewers were treated to some grainy blurred footage of Chloe getting handsy with Michael on the couch, Yes Married At First Sight went there.

Dr. Pia gives them an assignment to go to the adult mart and choose three toys. Chloe is giddy and admits she’s no stranger to pleasure enhancing plastics. Michael admits to being more of a vanilla wafer. But does find a toy he can use that comes with sound effects. Later the pair break out their toys and Chloe finds it hilarious. Michael would like to name his new toy Penelope. We fade out with someone moaning although it’s not clear if it’s Chloe or Penelope. Till next time!

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