Married At First Sight: Chloe Brown Calls Timeout – Recap [S17E18]

On Married At First Sight, Chloe Brown calls for a timeout to decompress for a few days with her pups after returning from the couple’s retreat. It’s more of the same for Becca Haley after Austin grumbles at her while buying trinkets at the wolf sanctuary. Emily Balch recovers from her head injury but is she misreading Brennan Shoykhet‘s compassion? And Cameron Frazer returns with a surprising revelation. Let’s break it all down in this recap of Season 17, Episode 18 In Sickness And Suspicion.

Married At First Sight: Chloe Brown Needs a Break

The finely choreographed dance between Married At First Sight midseason replacement couple Chloe Brown and Michael Shiakallis continues after the couples retreat. Back in Denver, Michael wants to grab his pets to move them into their apartment. Chloe Brown thinks this is a fine idea. And parlays it into an opportunity to dip out for a couple days to spend time with her own senior doggos. Michael is overly supportive while hiding his insecurity. Chloe smiles a lot and assures him it’s temporary.

Chloe Brown meets her friend Cesar for charcuterie and wine. She admits it’s been challenging to marry a stranger. And that she already took a hiatus. But it made her realize that Michael is perfect for her introverted recovering perfectionist self. Cesar questions whether Michael is really that guy. Suggesting he chooses his words carefully and what happens when the real Michael comes out during any kind of disagreement. But Chloe assures him he’s the real deal.

Married At First Sight couple Chloe Brown and Michael Shiakallis settle in nicely with their pets. They host a 90’s themed hip hop party for their friends. Who hung out already at the wedding and actually had fun together. In separate convos with each other’s friends it comes to light that both are people pleasers. This concerns Chloe Brown and she brings it up to Michael after a shared boxing workout. Of course Michael is receptive and promises to get real if they hit any speed bumps.

Married At First Sight: The Experts Fail Becca Haley

In spite of all the feels Becca Haley and Austin experienced at the wolf sanctuary, things got testy when they hit the souvenir shop. Becca claims she tried to help Austin load his trinkets in a bag and he mumbled in annoyance. So much so that the counter clerks noticed. So the drive home was not pleasant and Becca is weepy once again. The experts are called and Austin looks like he’s been called to the principal’s office.

Married At First Sight experts Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Cal Roberson attempt to find out how this season’s cutest couple fell so hard and so fast. Becca tells the wolf store story. Austin chimes in with his version. That she micromanages him. Becca sobs and says that he abandoned her at the couple’s retreat to sleep in the homeowner’s bedroom. In spite of the experts laughter at how ludicrous this is, Austin owns it and is proud of his fangirling and slightly creepy behavior.

Becca weeps about how he is different off camera. He’s distant and she feels all the way rejected, Dr. Pepper suggests it’s all fixable with just an attitude adjustment. Even Austin inquires “is it”? So once again Austin says he will work on trying to muster up the desire to sleep with Becca. And Becca Haley is forced to say ok while Pastor Cal’s face is still frozen in disbelief over Austin jumping ship to sleep in a man’s bedroom. Later they pretend to like each other in a hot tub but everyone including them know this just isn’t happening.

MAFS Brennan Shoykhet and Emily Balch Bond After her Accident

Married At First Sight couple Emily Balch and Brennan Shoykhet happily play house back home at their apartment after her accident. Brennan is a model husband all of a sudden. Mopping the floors, going on burger runs and accompanying Emily to get her stitches removed. Emily is always sunny. And seems to think her head injury was just the push Brennan needed to like her again. Or is Brennan just showing that he’s a human being after all by caring for someone with a giant gash on her head.

Cameron Frazer returns to MAFS post heart surgery. He’s on the mend but has to take it slow for a few months. He confides to Brennan Shoykhet that he’s confused by Clare Kerr. And drops a bomb that if she wants to move forward on decision day he’ll stick around. But Clare tells her mom that although she thinks Cam is fantastic, she doesn’t think husband and wife is the best description of their relationship. Till next time!

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